BART schedule change begins Monday, March 22, agents added to Antioch station 

Few changes but paves the way for potential increases in service

BART will make some minor adjustments to its schedule effective March 22, 2021. While service hours will remain unchanged for now, BART staff will closely monitor ridership and demand as the region begins to reopen.

The new schedule starting on March 22nd is now available on our Trip Planner and on the BART (Official) App. PDF’s of the current and new schedule timetables can also be found here.

Preparing to add more service as riders return

Weekday riders will have the same frequency they experience now but the new schedule allows us to add 26 additional trips to enhance 15-minute commute periods when and where ridership data reflects more riders are returning. BART’s 15 Step Plan to Welcome Riders Back calls for matching service levels with demand. BART will add these new trips when train car loading data shows there are consistently more than 30 people per car on a train. Current ridership has not yet surpassed a post COVID high of 55K weekday riders.

Saturday service will match Sunday service

Starting Saturday, March 27, Saturday and Sunday will have identical schedules.  Saturday service will run as three route service (Yellow, Orange, and Blue), which means some riders may have to transfer to finish their trip like they do on Sundays.

Station Agents added to Antioch Station

For the first time since its grand opening in May 2018, the Antioch Station will be staffed with Station Agents. The extension was initially developed as a new concept to provide customer service through supervisors in the nearby control center and call buttons at the station. As part of the General Manager’s Listening Tour in 2019, BART General Manager Bob Powers rode the first trains of the morning with Antioch customers. Part of the feedback he received was that riders felt they were on their own at the station and they wanted to see more BART staff onsite. Adding Station Agents will help make a more seamless riding experience and will better integrate the BART to Antioch extension into the core part of the system, highlighting Station Agent interaction as being an integral part of the BART experience.

Improved service for Millbrae riders

BART trains will arrive and depart at Millbrae Station from Platform 3, the one closest to Caltrain at the station. This significant improvement will allow riders at Millbrae to cross the same platform to transfer instead of the previous walk up and through the concourse. BART and Caltrain transfer times and wayfinding at the station will also receive improvements.

One seat ride to SFO for weekday Richmond riders

Trains from Richmond will now have a one-seat ride to SFO (via Millbrae) instead of requiring a transfer at MacArthur on weekday. This change means SFO is effectively the terminal station for both the Yellow and Red Lines on weekdays.

Sunday single tracking days

On Sunday single tracking days, the Dublin/Pleasanton (Blue) line will now terminate at Montgomery, riders will need to transfer to a Yellow line train to finish their trip. Previously the Blue line extended to 24th Street/Mission on single tracking days. On Sundays when there is no single tracking to upgrade the electrical power system in Downtown San Francisco, the Blue line will terminate at Daly City.

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