Antioch council approves new car wash on Lone Tree Way

Rendering of the future Ducky’s Car Wash approved by council for Lone Tree Way in Antioch on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. From owner’s presentation.

By Allen Payton

During their meeting on Tuesday night, the Antioch City Council approved Ducky’s Car Wash on Lone Tree Way near the intersection of Country Hills Drive and Mokelumne Drive on 5-0 votes. Ducky’s Car Wash ACC032321

Richard Miller, the owner, said, “We are bringing forth a project that we think will be very positive for the citizens of Antioch. I am a family-owned business. We have nine other car washes and this will be our tenth.”

He also owns one in Brentwood at the corner of Balfour Road and Brentwood Blvd.

“We had a prior approval and then the great recession hit that caused everyone to pause. But now we have a very clear path to constructing this project,” Miller continued. “It’s a real sleek and heavily landscaped corner.”

“We use the most environmentally conscious processes,” he shared, and said that they participate in the community with fundraisers.

There was no opponent nor any public comments on the matter.

The green area will be the location of the future Ducky’s Car Wash in Antioch.

District 2 Councilman Mike Barbanica asked about how the number of jobs and local hire.

“100% local. We will only hire local,” Miller responded. “The staffing requirements will vary, from between five and seven. We’re rally giving people their first jobs. It’s not a big number. But you can imagine there’s a big turnover. So, we’ll employ about 20 per year.”

“I love the concept, here. The color and the sleek design,” said District 3 Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock. “I hope we have more out of the box designs like this one, here. This type of business will bring a lot of recognition because it’s so different. I’ve gone to the Ducky’s in Brentwood because it’s right next to the bowling alley.”

She asked if the same concept could be applied to the Antioch location.

“It’s actually an express car wash,” Miller explained. “What you’re asking about in Brentwood, is a flex serve. This model is for those who want a fast, clean car wash in three minutes. This is not your self-serve car wash. No. We clean your car, we dry it then you go into the vacuum lanes. You have that option. What you’re asking me…is whether or not we can provide an additional service. It’s really a customer-generated response. We’ve seen demand in Brentwood for that and we may see the demand for that in Antioch. If so, we will offer that.”

“That’s not an expectation we should have, now,” Mayor Lamar Thorpe said.

“We are going to be totally responsive to what the public needs,” Miller added. “We have the flexibility in our business model to respond to the customer, because that’s what we do.”

The council approved the motions by Barbanica and Ogorchock for both the California Environmental Quality Act requirements and final development plan on 5-0 votes.

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