Two arrested in Antioch for outstanding felony warrants: one hiding in a garbage bag, then wrong-way Hwy 4 driver in stolen truck

Antioch Police chase of suspect ends at a home on Spaulding Street on Friday, Feb. 19, 2021. Photo: APD

By Antioch Police Department

You can run , but you can’t hide from APD dayshift….

Today at about 9:40 am, Officer Hill attempted to stop a car for vehicle code violations, but the driver failed to stop, and continued a slow roll to a residence on Spaulding Street. He fled into the house, but the entire dayshift had him surrounded in seconds. Officers found him hiding inside of a large garbage bag underneath a pile of clothes in a child’s bedroom (we can’t make this stuff up ). Turns out he had warrants for felony aggravated assault and resisting an officer, so we sent him to County Jail to face a judge to explain his behavior.

Thanks to the awesome residents on Spaulding Street for their patience and assistance!

Wrong-way stolen truck abandoned on Hwy 4 in Brentwood and suspect’s discarded gun found following police chase on Friday, Feb. 19, 2021. Photos: APD

Later on (around 1:30 pm), Officer Ewart spotted a Ford F250 stolen from Martinez getting onto Highway 4 from L Street. Officers attempted to stop him, but he immediately fled, exited the freeway, and re-entered the wrong way. Officers decided not to chase him, and instead coordinated with other officers over the police radio (you can’t outrun a Motorola) to monitor all of the freeway exits. Officer Rodriguez spotted the Ford going eastbound on the shoulder of westbound Highway 4 near Laurel Road. She watched him abandon the vehicle on an embankment near the Jeffrey Way onramp.

Officer Morris was waiting near the Taco Bell on Jeffery Way and caught the fleeing felon as he tried to hop away with his foot in a cast. His flight path was retraced and a discarded semi-automatic pistol was found in a planter box. The driver was found to have a felony warrant for violation of his post release community supervision, and we sent him back to jail so he could join the other guy in telling people not to run from APD.

We would like to thank the Brentwood Police Department and CHP – Contra Costa for their assistance with this incident. Fortunately, nobody was injured from his wrong-way shenanigans.


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Wrong-way Hwy 4 truck & discarded gun APD 021921

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