Contra Costa DA Becton responds to articles about her wedding in her backyard last summer

“I did everything I believed was in proper guidance with what I thought was allowed.” – Diana Becton

Won’t say who her new husband is, or provide any details about him or their ceremony

Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton. From CCC website.

By Allen Payton

A report by the San Francisco Chronicle and another by Fox News on Sunday, Feb. 7 accused Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton of violating COVID-19 orders by hosting a wedding and reception in her back yard, last summer. According to the report, neighbors were informed that “there would be ‘20 to 30’ extra cars parked in the area.”

It turns out that it was Becton’s own wedding and reception “in the backyard of her El Sobrante home on Aug. 1 to celebrate her marriage to her new husband.”

However, while “the event was a small, outdoor wedding and adhered to state and county restrictions, which allowed for outdoor religious and cultural events including weddings, but not receptions or after-parties. Parties that bring together people from numerous households were banned then and still are, according to the state Department of Public Health.”

Becton’s note to neighbors about her wedding. Source is anonymous.

Becton responded Sunday evening with the following post on her campaign Facebook page:

“A news article was published today about my wedding last year. The article highlighted details of my ceremony, which was held outdoors in the backyard with a very close group of family members and friends. I wanted you to hear directly from me before further attention is given to my ceremony.

In advance of my wedding, I called our local health department for guidance to ensure I was abiding by state and local health guidelines. I believed that since this was an outdoor only event that I would be okay as long as proper safety precautions were adhered to. I ensured all my guests had their temperature taken before entering the backyard, everyone wore masks, and were socially distanced throughout the ceremony. While I did serve food after the ceremony, the meals were individually plated and served to each guest. I did everything I believed was in proper guidance with what I thought was allowed. I realize public officials like myself are held to a higher standard, as we should be. We are all being asked to make sacrifices during COVID, and that includes those who serve the public. There were no cases of COVID-19 associated with my wedding.”

No Details About New Husband

Asked for details about her new husband including his name, and for a photo from their wedding, Becton did not respond. Instead, her spokesman Scott Alonso wrote, “DA Becton does not have any further comment per your inquiry to her.”

UPDATE: It was later learned that Becton married a minister, the Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Bernstine. (See related article)

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