On National Dog Day, Antioch Police K9 nabs suspect vandalizing water plant with axe, Wednesday

Antioch Police K9 Kona watches as the suspect is led away by an officer. The axe the suspect used. Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police

To celebrate National Dog Day, K9 Kona started work today with a good arrest. Our Dispatch Center received calls reporting an individual vandalizing the Antioch Water Treatment Plant with an axe.  When officers arrived, the vandal took off running and engaged in a game of hide-and-seek. Kona arrived and immediately put her superior sniffer to work! She led us on a trail that led right to a bush in a wooded area. After realizing Kona was onto him, our vandal immediately gave up, and his senseless shenanigans abruptly ended.

Our department has six police service dogs and are an integral part of our patrol teams (they’re a force multiplier!). We love our police canines and know many of you do too. On National Dog Day, please join us in a series of virtual head pats, ear scratches, and tummy rubs for Enzo, Kona, Kaia, Dex, Purcy, and Tzak!

Fun Fact: Our dogs don’t just look for bad guys and gals. They also do narcotic, article, and missing person searches! A dog’s nose is 100 times better than our own! Did someone just open a bag of treats?

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