Oakley parolee with weapons offenses arrested with loaded gun, ammo in Antioch Thursday

Oakley parolee arrested with loaded gun with 30-round magazine and a separate 50-round drum magazine on Thurs., July 24, 2020. Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

  Thursday afternoon, July 24, 2020, one of our officers was patrolling the Williamson Ranch Plaza lot near Walmart and Jack in the Box on Lone Tree Way. He saw a subject in the pictured Infiniti behind a closed business and attempted to make contact with him, however the subject tried to drive off. After getting back to his patrol car, our officer was able to get the driver stopped again in the same parking lot, and this was where we were happy to report things did not take a turn for the worse.

  Upon the driver finally stopping, he quickly jumped out of his car protesting the stop, then got back in and rolled up his windows and locked his doors. The windows of the vehicle were extremely tinted and made it quite difficult to see or communicate with the driver. Our officer was able to get the driver’s name and confirmed he was on parole for weapons offenses, however, he continued to refuse to get out of the vehicle or comply further with the orders he was given.

Antioch Police cars pin in suspect’s vehicle. Photos by APD.

  Numerous other officers arrived on scene and were able to contain the subject in his vehicle to keep him from driving away and possibly endangering the public while we attempted to communicate with him. After more than 20 minutes of dialogue, we were finally able to convince the man to get out of his car and peacefully surrender.

   This is where the sigh of relief and satisfaction at a peaceful conclusion comes into play. Upon conducting a search of the vehicle pursuant to his parole status, a loaded pistol with a 30 round magazine was found on the front seat, as well as a 50 round drum magazine in the rear seat of the car and several rounds of ammunition.

  We are relieved to have the peaceful outcome we did in this situation, and that our officers were able to successfully de-escalate a potentially very dangerous incident. The driver, a 26-year-old Oakley resident was subsequently arrested on multiple weapons charges and a parole violation and sent to county jail.

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