Man arrested in Antioch Sunday with loaded gun, mailbox keys, stolen goods, radio signal jammer

Suspect arrested on multiple charges and Nemo, the kitten rescued from a storm drain on Sunday, July 26, 2020. Photos by APD.

APD Officers also rescue kitten stuck in storm drain

By Antioch Police Department

Another gun off the street? Check.

Kitten saved? Check.

#APDSwingShift in Action!!!

Swing Shift works from 2:30 pm to 12:30 am (that’s 14:30 to 00:30 in police time!) and they’re not done yet! Early in the shift, Officer Amiri (minus Canine Purcy – more on that below) saw an individual he recognized with outstanding warrants (for fraud and identity theft) driving around Woodbridge and Rodeo Circle. This individual is known to evade police and drive stolen cars, but your APD officers were able to creatively stop him before he could think about a high-speed chase. Look at those puuuuurty Crown Vics still puttin’ in work on the road!

Gun, bullets, mailbox bullets and radio signal jammer. APD 07-26-20

After placing said fraudster under arrest, a search of the car revealed numerous master keys for mailboxes, stolen property, fraud paraphernalia, a loaded pistol and a radio signal jammer. You see that box with all the antennas? That’s a signal jammer used to block cellphone and police radio frequencies. This unlucky fella was sent to County Jail on his warrants along with a few extra charges (except ours are the non-fraudulent kind).

The storm drain where Nemo was stuck. APD 07-26-20

Kitten Rescued from Storm Drain

A little bit later, officers were called to a storm drain at East 18th Street and Viera Avenue where they found a kitten mewing for help from the darkness below. With a little help from our friends at Antioch Public Works, officers were able to rescue the helpless kitten and she was promptly named Nemo (because they had to find her). Nemo got the finest ride in town to the emergency vet for a checkup but should be adoptable from Antioch Animal Services once everything checks out.

Where Was K-9 Purcy?

Wondering about Officer Amiri’s sidekick Purcy? He was out of commission for a few days after eating something he shouldn’t have (he’s a dog – it happens!), but luckily all is well, and he’ll be back on patrol shortly!

Swing Shift had a couple more hours to go, but don’t forget Antioch, we are here for you (and all of our four-legged friends) 24/7.

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Loaded gun keys bullets & jammer APD 07-26-20

Loaded gun arrest & rescued kitten APD 07-26-20

Rescued kitten storm drain APD 07-26-20

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