Man cited for driving 85 MPH on Somersville Road in Antioch Wednesday

Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

Photo from APD.

Did you know the fastest speed limit in the USA (85 MPH) is a single stretch of Texas State Highway 130 (also known as the “Pickle Parkway”)? No portion of the Pickle Parkway runs through Antioch, and it certainly doesn’t cover Somersville Road.

Yet, on Wednesday, July 15 at around 10:30 am, Officer Johnsen clocked a motorcyclist at the eyepopping speed of 85 MPH on Somersville Road. That speed might be legal between San Antonio and Austin, Texas but certainly not in Antioch, California. If convicted, the fine for driving at this speed is $490 and an additional $238 for driving without a motorcycle license. Included with the hefty fine is a point on your driving record, which your insurance won’t appreciate.

Our Traffic Unit is out-and-about trying to slow people down on our streets and through your neighborhoods. Please slow down and save the $728 in traffic fines for a vacation trip down the Pickle Parkway.  #AntiochPD  #APDTrafficUnit  #PickleParkway

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Pickle Parkway APD 07-15-20

85MPH & ticket APD 07-15-20

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