During Antioch speeding crackdown K9 officer, drone help catch car thieves following chase Thursday

K9 Kona and Officer Smith search for suspects while Officer Kathain (inset) operates the UAV drone to assist in the search on Thursday, July 16, 2020. Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

Motor Officer Johnsen has been on a roll the last few days – literally!

APD Officer Johnson is assisted by another other next to the stolen car.

On Thursday, July 16, 2020, he was doing traffic enforcement on James Donlon Blvd. in response to your concerns about speeding vehicles. He saw a Ford Fusion doing 60 MPH through the 40 MPH zone and attempted a traffic stop. The driver of the Ford decided he wasn’t going to stop, probably because the car he was driving was reported stolen out of our city! Officer Johnsen kept eyes on the vehicle and saw it crash into the center median on Contra Loma Blvd. The driver and passenger figured this was the time to start running (probably because the gyms are still closed) and ran into the adjacent neighborhood.

Several of APD’S finest setup a containment perimeter and called-in Officer Smith along with his loyal companion Canine Kona. We also had some help from Officer Kathain, who operated our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and gave us an eye from the sky. During the search, officers found an unsecured home, and after several warnings about the use of the canine, the driver made the wise choice and gave up. Both the driver and passenger were arrested, nobody was injured, and another stolen car was recovered.

APD is committed to responding to your concerns about traffic safety, crime, and upholding our mission to keep you safe. In this instance, we were able to use the resources and equipment you provide us to aid in a safe conclusion. The UAV helps us assess situations from the sky, giving us the benefit of time and strategy, so we don’t rush into the unknown. Everyone knows Canine Kona and the rest of our furry companions have a nose that can’t be beat!

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Officers & stolen car APD 07-16-20

K9 Kona & officer & Kathain APD 07-16-20

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