Antioch Police Crime Prevention Commission Chair Sandra White announces run against incumbent Councilwoman Wilson

Courtesy of Sandra White for Antioch City Council 2020.

Citizens of Antioch,

Over the past four years, I have been fortunate to be able to work in the community as the Police Crime Prevention Commission Chair. Now I am ready to take the next steps to serve our community . So, today I announce my candidacy for Antioch City Council to represent District 4 in the upcoming election.

I commit to continue to conduct myself with the same manner of respect I have used being a Police Commissioner. This has helped bridge some of the gaps that our divisive party lines have created. I will run my campaign with the same integrity and honesty I live my life by so I can prove that I am the best Candidate for the task at hand.

As a resident of Antioch for the past decade, I’ve seen the assets and trials of our community. I guarantee to do my best to celebrate these assets while at the same time digging into the trials our community faces. My background, as a professional businesswoman with experience working for both for profit and nonprofit organizations in technology, mental health, and social services, coupled with my masters degree in Counseling Psychology, has given me the experience to be successful as the next city council member for District 4. In this role, I will be able to dive into the City budget and have comprehensive discussions with City staff regarding initiatives that are important to all of us.

Those are: Safety, Infrastructure, Community Services, Business Development and Allocation of City funds.

I am looking forward to earning the right to represent you in District 4 on the Antioch City Council. Most importantly, I want to be that person you count on to have your voice heard as your representative to the City.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sandra White

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