More reopening expected this week in Contra Costa: business, social activities being considered

But no churches until June 15 and only outdoor events

By Dr. Chris Farnitano, Contra Costa County Health Officer & Anna Roth, Contra Costa County Health Director

May 30, 2020 – If we continue to make progress in our fight to contain COVID-19, Contra Costa County will be relaxing more restrictions on businesses and social activities in the coming days and weeks. Details will be announced on June 2. Below are some of the most significant changes being considered:   Effective Wednesday, June 3


  • Office-based businesses (telework remains strongly encouraged)
  • Services that don’t require close customer contact, such as housekeeping, car washes, pet grooming and plumbing
  • Outdoor museums, and open gallery spaces and other public spaces with modifications
  • Indoor retail stores, including shopping malls and swap meets


  • Childcare, including child and youth educational activities and camps for all children, not just essential and allowed workers
  • Small outdoor social gatherings with social distancing (household support bubbles and child extracurricular activities)

Effective Monday, June 15

These are higher risk activities and thus restrictions would be relaxed at a later date.

  • Limited-capacity religious services and cultural ceremonies up to 100 people. These would be limited to outdoor events only.
  • Protests up to 100 people; limited to outdoor events only

The state has a timeline for opening higher risk activities like swimming and salons, which can be found at

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