Antioch K9 officer helps catch woman with drugs during talking on cell phone traffic stop Saturday night

Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

Are you ready for another Chronicle of Canine Purcy???

Officer Amiri and his partner Purcy were on-duty Saturday night in the area of L and West 7th Streets. At about 3 am, they saw a motorist driving down the road talking on a cellphone. Said driver wasn’t using the hands-free, so Officer Amiri (or was it Purcy?) flipped on the red and blues to have a conversation. During the chat, it was learned said driver didn’t have a license either. Purcy asked if he could sniff around and alerted to the presence of narcotics from inside the vehicle. Our best pals at the Pittsburg Police Department sent us Officer Oreja (also a canine handler) to help with a search of our license-lacking lady. What did we find? Glad you asked, because it turned out she possessed numerous ecstasy pills, cocaine, and heroin for sale. A reservation was made to shelter in-place at the county jail and free shuttle service was provided.

Did you know the average canine’s sense of smell is tens of thousands of times more sensitive than our own? Canine Purcy is a five-year-old Belgian Malinois who came to us from the Netherlands. He is trained in apprehension, tracking/trailing, and narcotics detection. He’s also a really really good boy!

Police canines are a force multiplier and an indispensable part of our mission to PROTECT ANTIOCH! Remember to give Purcy an “Atta boy!” if you see him sniffing around your neighborhood! #CaninePurcy #AntiochStrong #EastCountyStrong #AntiochPD #PittsburgPD #AntiochPDK9

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APD drugs arrest 05-02-20

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