Two arrested for trying to steal Antioch bank ATM using stolen van Monday, third suspect sought

ATM, stolen van and suspects being arrested on Monday, April 20, 2020. Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

Earlier this morning, Monday, April 20, 2020, an alert citizen found one of our officers and alerted him to some people that seemed to be out of place at the Chase Bank on Delta Fair Blvd. While some bank patrons appeared to be there for their normal business, these gentlemen appeared to be attempting a rather large transaction……….of the entire ATM………with a van, chain, and sledgehammers!

Sure enough, as our officers arrived and told the would-be thieves that their transaction was being declined, three subjects fled on foot in all directions. Two of the bandits were quickly caught, but unfortunately, one managed to slip away. We are confident, however, that through leads we’ve developed, we will be able to identify and prosecute the third culprit.

As if that wasn’t enough to this story, as we were cleaning up the mess these gentlemen left behind, we then had the owner of the van being used in this attempted heist show up. He lived nearby, and to add to the list of charges our failed thieves are facing, it turns out the van being used was also stolen from a nearby apartment complex to be used in this caper.

We are happy to report both subjects arrested will be facing charges ranging from vehicle theft, to attempted grand theft, to various probation violations. They were unsuccessful in getting any money from the bank, and we were able to reunite the van with its owner! To wrap up this bizarre story, it all started with a citizen who saw something and said something!! We can’t thank you enough for alerting us to this case and helping us to catch the would-be thieves!!

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ATM van & suspects APD 04-20-20

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