Contra Costa Sheriff Livingston calls $0 bail “irresponsible”, explains Brentwood machete man case

Suspect Adam Ortega with machete on Brentwood residents’ porch, Sat. morning April 11, 2020. Sheriff Livingston’s badge. Herald file photos.

By Jimmy Lee, Director of Public Affairs, Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff

35-year-old Adam Ortega, a transient in Brentwood, was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility at about 10 AM on Friday, April 17, 2020. He was booked for the offenses requested by the Brentwood police, possession of a dangerous weapon and probation violation. (See related articles, here, here and here)

Because of the Judicial Council of California’s mandatory emergency rule of zero bail for misdemeanors and non-violent/non-serious felonies, both of the alleged offenses committed by Ortega were zero bail. He was later cite released. (See related article)

“I like most California Sheriffs believe the Judicial Council’s decision to implement $0 bail for a wide range of criminal offenses was irresponsible, unnecessary and an overreaction,” said Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston. “A state-wide solution to local issues is almost never good policy – that is certainly the case here. People who commit offenses against others should be held accountable, COVID-19 or not.”

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Adam Ortega with machete 04-11-20 Sheriff’s Badge

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