Four arrested in Antioch for burglary at Brentwood health club Wednesday morning

Three of the four suspects arrested for the health club burglary in Brentwood Wednesday morning. Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police

Are you ready for another example of East County Strong?

Wednesday morning, April 22, 2020 at about 6:15 am, Antioch Police Officer Amiri and his handsome four-legged partner Purcy were getting ready to call it a night, when they heard a call on the Brentwood frequency reporting a burglary at the 24 Hour Fitness – Brentwood. An observant citizen saw a carload of bandits prying open a back door and stealing tools. They called 9-1-1 right-away and gave a description of the vehicle, which was seen getting onto the freeway.

Officer Amiri, who cannot sleep knowing there’s crime afoot, setup on the freeway and found the vehicle as it exited toward downtown Antioch. A stop was made, and all the stolen loot was found. We called over to our friends at the City of Brentwood – Police Department, who gladly accepted the four arrestees (with their new bracelets), and took things over from there.

Health club burglary tools recovered, suspects’ vehicle, Brentwood and Antioch Police Officers with K9 Officer Purcy. Photos by APD.

Thinking of coming to our cities to commit crimes? Think again! We have a dedicated group of officers (and canines) who will sniff you out! Again folks, this was accomplished because someone saw something wrong and called us right-away. We can’t do this without you – consider it a partnership, but we always get to drive (and pick the radio station).

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Health club burglary tools recovered BPD & APD Officers & canine Purcy 04-22-20 APD

Health club burglary arrests 04-22-20 APD

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