Police foil burglary of Wells Fargo Bank branch in Antioch early Saturday morning

Antioch and Pittsburg Police on scene of the burglary at Wells Fargo Bank branch at 18th and A Streets in Antioch early Saturday morning. Photos by APD.

Burglary suspect in the back of an Antioch Police car.

Axe, skeleton mask, and a replica handgun found inside suspect’s car

By Antioch Police Department

As all of our fans already know, we aren’t standing down, and instead are standing UP to all crooks who think they can roll the dice against YOUR POLICE!

Cue last night’s bank bandit – this hapless lawbreaker thought he could smash his way into the Wells Fargo at 18th and A Streets to see what he could get from inside (at 2:43 AM, Saturday morning, according to Chief of Police Tammany Brooks). Our night shift rapid response team raced over and helped him on his way out the door into a set of custom bracelets. These astute officers tracked down his getaway vehicle (which was parked in-front-of the bank with the engine running) and found an axe, skeleton mask, and a replica handgun inside. Look closely at the airsoft gun and tell us whether you could distinguish the difference at night from afar? We were helped by our best buds at Pittsburg PD, who sent us an amazing dog to help clear the bank safely in a search for other bandits (you rock, PPD!).

You may have read our Chief’s message yesterday about the efforts we are taking to KEEP ANTIOCH SAFE. Those efforts include a series of modified responses to certain incidents, and the intent of that is actually two-fold. First, we have to keep ourselves healthy so we can operate at 100%. Did you know we disinfect our mobile offices at the start and end of each shift?! We are loaded up with gloves, hand sanitizers and masks. Our coppers are washing, rinsing and repeating (it says it on the bottle!).

Inside the suspect’s vehicle.

Second, we are doubling-down on providing high-visibility patrol to our town. Don’t be alarmed if you see a black and white patrolling your neighborhood or business with the flood lights on (please from a social distance). Our ultimate goal with all of this is to PROTECT YOU and we hope you notice and feel a little safer while you’re doing your part to stop the virus.

As always, we have your back because you have ours! If you see anything out of the ordinary, give us a shout (not too loud, our ears are sensitive) at (925) 778-2441 or 9-1-1 if you think it’s an emergency.

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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