Menorah lighted in Antioch to celebrate Hanukkah

Rabbi Peretz Goldshmid of Chabad of the Delta (center) is flanked by city employees James Plueger and Joe of the Public Works Department for the menorah lighting on Sat., Dec. 21, 2019. Photo courtesy of Rabbi Goldschmid.

By Allen Payton

To celebrate Hanukkah, a large menorah with nine lights, representing candles, was lighted next to the City Christmas in in Waldie Plaza in Antioch’s historic, downtown Rivertown on Saturday, Dec. 21.

“Thank you James Pflueger, Joe, Darrel, Laurie Schwartz and the City of Antioch, California for making the Menorah go up,” said Rabbi Peretz Goldshmid of Chabad of the Delta. “The name Antioch originates from Antiochus of the Chanukah story.”

The annual Jewish festival commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem after the Maccabean Jews regained control of Jerusalem after overthrowing King Antiochus IV Epiphenes of the Seleucid empire.

From “According to the Talmud, one of Judaism’s most central texts, Judah Maccabee and the other Jews who took part in the rededication of the Second Temple witnessed what they believed to be a miracle. Even though there was only enough untainted olive oil to keep the menorah’s candles burning for a single day, the flames continued flickering for eight nights, leaving them time to find a fresh supply.”

Also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is celebrated beginning at sunset on 25 Kislev and ends at sundown on 2 Tevet or 3 Tevet on the Hebrew or Jewish Calendar.

It is being celebrated, this year from Sunday, Dec. 22 through Monday, Dec. 30.

To learn more about the history behind and meaning of Hanukkah/Chanukah click, here.

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Menorah lighting in Antioch

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