Rivertown: Linda Johnson Photography transforms into photo rental studio

Studio 510 on W. Third Street in Antioch. Photo by Linda Johnson.

One of downtown Antioch’s longest staples has evolved. The city’s most famous photographer, Linda Johnson, is now providing a platform for other artists to shine by transforming her   business into a rental studio.

For the first time in 32 years, the sign in front of her storefront studio no longer says “Linda Johnson Photography” with her signature oval logo. It now reads “Studio 510”.

Photographer Tish Wetzel works with a client at Studio 510. Photo by Linda Johnson.

Rental of the studio includes use of the strobe lighting system and the window light shooting. Photographers also have access to the salesroom, digital projector, several backgrounds – along with many cool props. Additionally, they can put their logo on the door and one of their masterpieces on display in the gallery. Furthermore, there is a vast number of great outdoor shooting areas within a one-block radius of the studio in Antioch’s Historic Rivertown District.

Johnson wants to continue to provide a place for the local families to come for professional service with skilled, motivated and educated photographers that are driven to be the best.

“It’s important to choose a photographer that is licensed and insured,” she shared. “A photographer that will work in the best interest of the clients by offering a pre-portrait consultation where the clients can collaborate creative ideas with the photographer, go over products and services and build the trust that’s needed to tell their story through the art of photography”.

The photographer can provide signed releases, so the client has usage rights to the images. The clients should ask for model releases, so they know how the photographer is going to use their images and what the clients’ rights are for paying for work that was created for hire.

Linda lives primarily in Sedona, AZ, but offers mentoring to those that are interested when she is available in the summer months to teach technique, image quality, pricing, selling, marketing, portrait staging, lighting and posing. She enjoys helping photographers, wants to continue the respect in the industry and gain support from the community for the photographers.

“My goal is to help others get established at a low monthly cost like it was done for me at the beginning of my career,” Johnson said. “I feel that working in the studio presents a more professional image and provides an environment which will set a higher vibration and the energy to create better work, more enthusiasm and in turn satisfied clients.”

The studio is located at 510 W. Third Street in Rivertown, historic downtown Antioch.

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Tish Wetzel Studio 510

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