Antioch woman finds “hidden” money in state’s coffers, maybe some is yours

Julie Carlson from her Facebook page.

By Allen Payton

Antioch resident Julie Carlson has been on a mission since she discovered there are billions of dollars owed to California residents that the state has been holding on to in various funds. She began doing research and found agency after agency with money in fund balances owed to thousands of individuals.

Michael Finney of ABC7 TV’s did a news report about Carlson’s efforts and it aired Tuesday night, April 23rd.

Part of the problem is the names of individuals and even cities are misspelled in the state’s records and it doesn’t appear anyone is responsible for correcting the mistakes or finding to whom the money is owed.

“The sad thing…is that California’s State Controller told Michael Finney that there was a law that prohibited them from correcting misspelled city names or any other errors found in property records and this is a down right lie. There is no such law that prohibit the State from making corrections to records that were received from another party. Of course, you save an original copy of the record, but once you have done that, you should be free to make any changes that are required in order to make that record reflect truthful or accurate information,” Carlson wrote in a Facebook post about the ABC7 segment.

“This department has been using that same sorry and lazy excuse for years just so they can continue to prevent people from finding money that belongs to them,” she continued. “People need to stand up to our state government and force them to present accurate information to us. It should not matter if a third party misspelled a city name, California should correct the spelling and be done with it!!! The state is preventing 1.6 million property records valued at over $365 million dollars from showing up in search results simply because the person’s property record contains a misspelled city name.”

“There are plenty of other more complex errors found throughout millions of their property records, at least, fixing a misspelled city name would be fairly easy to fix,” Carlson added.

If you or someone you know needs help finding property, send an email to

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  1. Eileen says:

    Thank You Julie Carlson!!!!!!!

  2. Julie Carlson says:

    You’re welcome, Eileen. Please spread the word. The only way to fight battles like this is by spreading the word and making sure that people understand how many people are being harmed by practices such as these.

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