D.A. won’t file charges over injury collision resulting from two women quarreling in Antioch Sunday

The car driven by one woman that struck and injured the other woman on Sunday, April 29, 2018. Photos by Allen Payton

By Allen Payton

What appeared to be a quarrel between two women over a man, resulted in an injury collision of one and the arrest of the other in downtown Antioch, Sunday afternoon, April 29. One woman, age 19, drove her car into the other, striking her and pinning her against a parked pickup truck. However, no charges were filed by the Contra Costa District Attorney due to a lack of evidence the driver intended to hit the other woman.

An Antioch Police officer interviews the female driver of the car that struck the other woman, as the owners of the truck that was hit, look on.

The female driver of the car drove into the other female, who was on foot, and pinned her against a Ford F-150 truck that was parked in the lot on W. 2nd Street across from City Hall. The injured female, age 21 according to her sister, was transported to a local hospital. According to people on the scene it was a case of the injured female being with her ex-boyfriend, who is the current boyfriend of the other female.

A video of what happened prior to the collision was provided to Antioch Police. But, it only showed what occurred among the two women and the man, prior to the collision. It does not show the collision.

According to Antioch Police Lt. Desmond Bittner on Wednesday afternoon, “The responsible, the female driving the car, who hit the victim was arrested that day, but will be released if she hasn’t been already.”

Antioch detectives presented the case to the District Attorney’s office on Wednesday.

“But, no charges were filed by the D.A., for lack of sufficient evidence that the use of the vehicle was an intentional act,” Bittner said. “For felony charges to be filed, there has to be convincing evidence.”

The damaged truck and shoes of the injured woman.

“The lady who was hit wanted to fight the other lady in the car,” he explained. “The lady who was driving the car didn’t want to fight. So, she tried to leave the parking lot at a high rate of speed. We don’t know what type of fight it was, if it was going to be physical or just an argument.”

“There were at least three witnesses and according to at least two, plus the driver, it appears that it was an accident or that the lady who was hit jumped in front of the vehicle that struck her,” Bittner stated. “The only one who is claiming that it was intentional was the lady who was hit.”

Asked if detectives were still investigating he responded, “If something else comes about, if new information is discovered, we will reopen the case. For now, it is closed.”

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F-150 truck & shoes

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