Antioch Council to hold special workshop on potential marijuana industry in the city Saturday, March 24

From the report to the Antioch City Council on a potential cannabis industry.

By Allen Payton

The Antioch City Council will hold a special workshop to receive and discuss an Economic Analysis of Commercial and Recreational Marijuana Uses Within the City this Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 AM at the Antioch Community Center at Prewett Park, 4703 Lone Tree Way.

Possible businesses could include manufacturing, cultivation, test laboratories, distributors, retailers and microbusinesses.

According to the report by consultants Cannabis Support Services, the impacts of a “cannabis program” to the city government include administration and compliance, monitoring, audits, and education and would require the following city and county departments to be involved: Planning, Code Enforcement, Finance, Police, Fire, Economic Development, City Attorney, and Public Health, as well as Public Utilities.

In order to start such an industry in town, the report says the city needs to “Know what resources will be required to develop and administer a cannabis program.” Those include” Planning and Permitting, Initial and On-going Inspections – building and safety, fire and hazmat, public health; Tax and Compliance Audits, Prevention Programs, Education Programs, Public Relations/Media, Data Collection and Interpretation, and an evaluation of the existing workload for City Staff.”

The report also includes challenges with approving a cannabis industry in town: “Future federal enforcement is unclear; Lobbying effort to eliminate all cannabis specific taxes (as with alcohol or tobacco); Traditional banking access still limited – asset seizure potential limits lending; Emerging cashless sales options are not fully tested; Continued impact of the black market; Economic stability of the commercial market; Public health and safety issues – DUI, CUD, development of adolescent brain; and Available internal and/or external resources.”

The council can decide to continue its current ban on all segments of the commercial cannabis industry, which includes deliveries into the city, or they can authorize any or all segments, and then regulate commercial cannabis businesses and personal cultivation, as well as impose taxes and fees.

The public will have the opportunity to give their input to the council at the workshop, but no decision will be made. Any decision by the council would occur at a future meeting.

See the complete report, here: Antioch Commercial Cannabis Industry report

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Antioch Commercial Cannabis Industry report
Antioch Commercial Cannabis Industry report

3 Comments to “Antioch Council to hold special workshop on potential marijuana industry in the city Saturday, March 24”

  1. Julio says:

    This is Antioch’s answer to all it’s financial problems and I am totally opposed to it.

  2. RJB says:

    I am not for the cannabis industry to seed Antioch and become its major source of revenue for the city.

    However, “Gourmet Ghetto…” is certainly more befitting then Antioch being the next Silicon Valley. Lol.

  3. Brett Kuntze says:

    How come Antioch is not able to attract new business . All we can attract is chemical, steel, power generators that dot along the riverbanks.. That is it! Where is the high technology centers?? Any high rise buildings ? Is Antioch too far from the metropolitian center like San Francisco or San Jose? Does Antioch need the Highway 4 to Stockton be straightened .. Why are those delta bridges not turned straight instead of what they are now… that force us to slow down to 10 mph in order to cross them? Antioch is at the dead end ??

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