Writer says AUSD declares war on press, public


AUSD is one of the worst performing school districts in the county if not the state. But rather than devote $75,000 to improving performance, it’s wasting it on a doomed-to-fail, lipstick-on-a-pig propaganda effort to pull the wool over parents’ and taxpayers’ eyes about how great things are going.

It’s particularly ironic that one of those chosen to put a happy face on the district, Mike Burkholder, has a history of divisiveness, hostility and negativity toward critics, journalists and politicians in his online postings.

For example, here’s what he posted on a Facebook site called “Boycott the Contra Costa Times” about an East Bay Times reporter (https://www.facebook.com/pg/Boycott-the-Contra-Costa-Times-121667354561835/community/?ref=page_internal): “You can now add Rowena Coetsee to the list of reporters not to speak with. ECCFPD Should Boycott Rowena Coetsee Immediately I am not one to call on boycotts very often, but I have had enough of Rowena Coetsee’s bad reporting in Oakley and now it’s carried over to the ECCFPD today as she broke the cardinal sin of jou… BURKFOROAKLEY.WORDPRESS.COM

Burkholder also has numerous postings vilifying East Bay Times columnist Dan Borenstein because Borenstein has been critical of excessive pension benefits for firefighters. Burkholder also participated in a boycott of an Antioch Herald AUSD candidates forum.

By hiring Burkholder as a press representative for the school district, AUSD has declared war on the East Bay Times, the Antioch Herald and the press in general — and by extension the public that they are seeking to objectively inform about their government.

Dave Roberts


Roberts periodically reports for the Herald.

2 Comments to “Writer says AUSD declares war on press, public”

  1. RJB says:

    Great letter! I agree what is said about Burkholder. In my opinion he’s as bad as they come and will not accept anyone’s opinion but his own -immature, potty, and hostile. East County Today is a joke in my book!

    AUSD and Burkholder fall I’m the same boat. Can’t dress up a turd and call it gold, no matter how much money you throw at it.

    AUSD is the worse performing schools, that’s absolutely correct. Can’t lie about the facts.

  2. Ron Borland says:

    Well said, Mr. Roberts. Another issue-How can you consider East County Today a real news source when it’s up for sale to the highest bidder? How can you be on the payroll of a school district, fire district, or police force and be expected to report accurately on them when things go wrong? One of the press’ most important roles is to be a public watchdog and provide a pair of eyes and ears for the public to protect them from abuse, incompetence, and malfeasance in government agencies. Burkholder is once again showing his true colors as more lapdog than watchdog. When the house of state is being broken into don’t expect him to be at the door barking. He’ll be asleep in the corner cradling his wallet.

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