Snow Queen play, Simon and Garfunkel tribute at El Campanil Theatre in January

snow-queenx250El Campanil Children’s Theatre presents Snow Queen

A magical, wintry wonderland awaits this charming children’s show, closely adapted from the same Hans Christian Andersen tale as Disney’s Frozen.  The Flurries, the icy imps of the Snow Queen, conjure up a cruel spell to make a magical mirror that reflects the ugly side of humanity.  Hardly impressed, the Snow Queen smashes the mirror to set her more dastardly plan into motion.  While cousins Gerda and Kay play tag, Kay gets a shard of the shattered mirror stuck in his eye, and it turns him into a rotten brat.  The Snow Queen kidnaps the boy and takes him to her Ice Castle.  Timid Gerda is determined to rescue her best friend, armed only with a Gypsy’s jar of warm wishes and giggle-inducing snickerdoodles.  On her journey, she encounters a cursed gardener, talking flowers, a mischievous fox, a know-it-all crow, a generous princess and rowdy robbers.  Once at the castle, Gerda uses the jar of warm wishes to melt the Flurries and the  magical cookies to warm Kay’s heart again. Thanks to Gerda’s own warm heart and her loving, forgiving nature, the Snow Queen transforms into the Sun Queen and the Flurries  return as Sunbeams.

Friday, January, 20, 2017  7:30 pm
Sunday, January, 22, 2017  2:00 pm
General Seating

Ticket Prices:  Adults: $12   Seniors (62 & Over): $10  Youth (17 & Under):  $8 – Buy tickets by clicking, here.

simon-and-garfunkel-tributeThe Music of Simon and Garfunkel
Performed By AJ Swearingen and Jayne Kelli

Swearingen & Kelli recreate the music, memories and magic of the most famous folk-rock duo of our time, Simon and Garfunkel. AJ Swearingen has been performing this music for twenty years with mastery of Paul Simon’s intricate guitar playing. His deep baritone blends perfectly against Kelli’s angelic vocals, which invoke a true sound in the spirit of Art Garfunkel. The duo has been performing music together since 2010. Together and separately they have shared the stage with Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, Livingston Taylor, John McCutcheon and many more.

Saturday January 21, 2017  8:00 pm
Reserved Seating

Tickets Prices: Adults: $27   Seniors (62 & Over): $25   Youth: (under 18): $10 – Buy tickets by clicking, here.

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