Letter writer announces Antioch School Board endorsements by district staff


After extensive discussion and review, these three groups have endorsed the following candidates for the Antioch Unified School District board of trustees for the Nov. 8, 2016, election:

Antioch Management Executive Board endorses candidates Mike Burkholder, Diane Gibson-Gray, Gary Hack, and Joy Motts.

Both the Antioch Education Association and the California School Employees Associations executive boards endorse candidates Gibson-Gray, Hack and Motts.

All three employee groups have unanimously endorsed Gibson-Gray, Hack and Motts.

Scott Bergerhouse


Antioch Management Association

3 Comments to “Letter writer announces Antioch School Board endorsements by district staff”

  1. ipsos Maximus says:

    Translation: you mean the unions. When you say the district,you mean the union members…when you say the administration and the teachers. You mean the unions. FOLKS don’t be fooled they dont speak for the whole district.The organized labor is scared to death. The fun rides over. Do you really want to go back to the TAX AND SPEND DAYS? DIDNT WE JUST BOOT MOTTS AND HACK a few years ago? DIDNT WE LEARN OUR LESSON LAST TIME?
    Of course they don’t want Navarro and Terry…these two courageous men are defenders of the bottom line and staunchly opposed to waste and mismanagement. And now you want to throw Vinson overboard too? That stilted attack to recall her smell as fake as a $3 bill.

    Hmmm lets look at those optics. Your advocating for a clean sweep of any ethnic representation (considering that over half of the student body is minority ) and opposition so you can get the feeding trough going up again.
    and neither should you the readers

  2. ipsos Maximus says:

    Dont take my word for it…the boycott 4…were too scared to debate these great candidates

    Hear them in thier own words

  3. Julio says:

    Agree with Maximus! This is the twist and lie group.

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