Crime, gang and youth violence, homelessness, local jobs are top concerns in City of Antioch’s survey of residents

By Allen Payton

There were no big surprises in the results of the Community Priorities Survey paid for by the City of Antioch and shared with the Antioch City Council at their regular meeting, on Tuesday night.

“Crime and gangs are clearly perceived as the most-urgent problems in Antioch,” the headline of the survey results reads.

The live phone survey using both landline and cell phones, which lasted about 15 minutes according to some residents who received the call and participated, was taken between July 17 and 21, 2016 and conducted in both English and Spanish.

Of the 400 residents who participated in the survey, 75% of residents who responded said crime was very or extremely serious. Of those surveyed 72% also rated gangs and youth violence as very or extremely serious.

Homeless was the next highest rated problem, with 62% saying it’s very or extremely serious, followed by a lack of good-paying, local jobs, with 59% of respondents rating that issue very or extremely serious.

The next major concern was categorized as “An empty downtown,” with 53% of respondents rating that as very or extremely serious. Waste and inefficiency in local government had 46% of those surveyed calling it very or extremely serious, and another 32% rating it as somewhat serious, for a total of 78% of respondents giving it a serious rating.

The condition of the local economy had 43% of respondents rating it very or extremely serious, and another 39% rating it as somewhat serious.

Finally, in the categories which a majority of those surveyed rating as serious is traffic congestion, with 41% rating as very or extremely serious and another 32% rating it as somewhat serious.

The survey next stated “Few are concerned about development, or the lack of retail or parks” with only 17% of respondents saying “A lack of parks and open space” was very or extremely serious, and another 29% rating it as somewhat serious. However, 55% rated it as “not too serious” or “didn’t know” or provided “no answer.”

Then the survey states “A plurality feel the city is growing at the right pace.”

It also states “Respondents were overwhelmingly satisfied with existing parks; they are less satisfied with nightlife and fine dining options.”

The survey then focused on downtown Antioch, stating “Only half of respondents indicated they were familiar with Waldie Plaza,” and “More than three in five say they haven’t heard about plans for the former lumberyard,” the controversial  lot on which a group of residents are pursuing an initiative for a park and event center. The survey also states about the lumberyard, “Those who have heard something know relatively few details other than ‘new housing.'”

Finally, the survey states and provides a breakdown in statistics of answers by respondents that “Jobs and scenery were seen as top priorities for the land.” Of those surveyed, 77% said “Creating local jobs” was extremely important or very important, and another 15% said it was somewhat important, for a total of 92% saying it is important at some level.

Please see the complete results of the survey, here: antioch-community-priorities-survey-report

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5 Comments to “Crime, gang and youth violence, homelessness, local jobs are top concerns in City of Antioch’s survey of residents”

  1. Seemingly says:

    The message sent by these recent sweeps is that Antioch won’t take this crime anymore. I cannot tell you how rampant it is – it is wonton disregard for the law. Period. They think they can come here – live here and get away with anything. We need to send a message and it has to stop – thank you for the diligence.

    • Karl dietzel says:

      The message coming from our chief should be NOT it takes 12 min , respond time, were
      Understaffed, there are only so few officers on duty etc,
      The message should be
      Laud and clear.

      If you commit a crime in our town, we will come and
      Get you, no matter what.

  2. Dale says:

    How about the blight, dead plants everywhere, where are out landscape taxes going? The roads coming in to town are a disgrace. Their is a car off Hillcrest and Country Hills that is in the road on jacks with no tires for over a year. It’s real simple to call or e-mail the City to have it removed. No one seems to care, no leadership just more trash.

    • Eric A. says:

      Ya Dale, it is real simple to call or e-mail the City about that Car you have been driving passed for over a year. No one seems to care, including you. Instead of complaining about it online, why not do something about it yourself? Since you obviously know what to do.

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