Retired businessman, Fred Rouse announces campaign for Antioch City Council

Fred Rouse

Fred Rouse

In an announcement posted on his campaign Facebook page on Sunday, July 31, Antioch resident and retired businessman Fred Rouse officially announced he will run for Antioch City Council in this fall’s election.

Following is his complete announcement:

I am running for the Antioch City Council because I will listen to you. I will work for your needs. I will lend my experience with large corporate budgets and programs to improve the way Antioch manages the budget. Antioch can change for the better if we have leaders that better serve the people.

Our properties are not maintained and crime rates are high. We have a homeless problem and we need jobs and new business. Antioch needs more police officers and wants smart business growth and parks. Antioch needs to give our youth afterschool programs. I want the voters to know that I hear them. I know we all believe in change for the better, reduced crime, and a cleaner community. If elected, I commit to the voters that these issues will be my top priorities. Leaders of our City have let us down. People have lost trust and feel they are not listened to and not included in decisions. We must remind our leaders that they are Public Servants. Their job is to work for the community.

I came to this city with my wife 20 years ago because it was affordable, safe, growing and somewhat near my employment. I want that back. I think you do too. The first step begins with changing the board. If we can agree to do that, we can begin the rebirth of our City and restore what we have lost. Please join me in November. I ask for your vote.

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  1. Sarah Garbarino says:

    I have known Fred for over 40 years and found him to be a trustworthy, reliable and honest man with only the best interests of his city and its people in mind. If Fred says he will do it, he will. His word is his bond. He is a loving husband, son in law, brother and uncle. If you vote for anyone, it should be Frederick Rouse!!

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