Gang member arrests, home invasion, gunshots, stolen cars, drugs among Antioch Police calls for service, July 28 through August 3, 2016

Following are the Antioch Police calls for service highlights as published in City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report dated August 5, 2016 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando.

Calls for Service & Arrest Data Summary:

Time Period: 07/28/16 00:00:00 – 08/03/16 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,697

Number of Case Reports: 292

Number of Arrests: 74

Felony: 37

Misdemeanor: 37

Arrests with DUI charge: 3

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • ·On 8/4/16 at 4:16 am, a resident in the 2500 block of Desrys Blvd. was awakened by a loud noise and found three unknown males inside her house. She screamed and they fled out the back door and over the fence into Turner Elementary. The loss is unknown, but it appears they entered through an open back door. An extensive search and police K-9 track brought negative results.
  • ·On 8/3/16 at 9:32 pm, an officer was driving through the 7-11 lot at 2700 Hillcrest Ave. when he was flagged down regarding a theft that just occurred. The clerk pointed out 46 year old Leontuan Ward, who was sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot, and stated he had just entered the store and placed several items into his pants pockets. Ward was contacted and found to be on probation for theft and had a warrant for his arrest. During a search of his person, several stolen items were recovered from his pants pockets. Officers attempted to contact the owner of the vehicle Ward was driving, who lives in Vallejo. Vallejo PD was contacted and coincidentally, VPD was at the vehicle’s owner’s residence taking a missing persons report. Vallejo PD was notified that Antioch PD would be arresting Ward and that Ward could not provide any information as to the whereabouts of the vehicle’s owner other than downtown Antioch. The vehicle was towed and stored and all information was passed onto Vallejo PD. Ward was booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/3/16 at 5:00 am, the Antioch Police Department SWAT team and Gang Unit assisted the Safe Streets Task Force in serving two search warrants in the City of Antioch. One was in the 2000 block of Sugar Pine St. and the other was in the 1400 block of Viera Ave. The Safe Streets Task Force served search warrants at 20 different locations in the county regarding an investigation of the Norteño criminal street gang. Over 20 known gang members were taken into custody.
  • ·On 8/3/16 at 12:37 am, officers pulled behind a gold Mazda with no license plates. They conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for a traffic violation in the area of E St. and W. 6th St. As the officers were making the stop, another officer advised over the radio that a similar vehicle had been stolen earlier in the day. A records check on the VIN confirmed the vehicle was indeed reported stolen out of Antioch this same day. Officers contacted the driver of the Mazda, 20 year old Marianna Eagle, who stated she just bought the car today. However, she could not provide any information as to whom she had bought it from, where she bought it, or any contact information on the seller. The vehicle’s owner was contacted and stated he did not know Eagle. Eagle was arrested and booked into county jail for auto theft.
  • ·On 8/3/16 at 12:12 am, an adult male called dispatch stating he was being followed by someone that was armed with a stick. Dispatch could hear the caller yelling for someone to stop and then choking sounds. Officers found the caller down on the sidewalk in the area of Country Hills Dr. and Whitetail Dr. The caller appeared to be having a seizure. While officers were waiting for an ambulance to arrive, the caller had a second seizure. Due to the seizures, he was unable to give a statement regarding what happened to him. Officers circulated the area and no other persons were located. The caller was transported to the hospital and was found to have no physical injuries and no recollection of what occurred. An informational report was taken.
  • ·On 8/2/16 at 11:52 pm, a vehicle occupied by four adult males was stopped for expired registration in the area of Wilbur Ave. and Marie Ave. Officers noticed a short barrel rifle in plain view in the rear seat. All four subjects were Norteño gang members and arrested without incident.
  • ·On 8/2/16 at 9:31 pm, officers contacted the occupant of a suspicious vehicle at East Madill St. and A St. The occupant, 41 year old Johnny Ramirez and was found to have a parole violation warrant. Ramirez was arrested and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/2/16 at 1:34 pm, officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle call in the area of Mahogany Way and Spanos St. They contacted 54 year old Michael Jiles who was found to have a warrant for his arrest for various theft and drug charges. During a search of Jiles, the officer located approximately 1/2 ounce of methamphetamine in his armband. He was booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/2/16 at 7:26 am, an officer was in the area of W 19th and D St. when he located an occupied stolen F350 pickup. He followed the vehicle to westbound Hwy 4 where another officer joined him at Contra Loma Blvd. The driver failed to yield and fled westbound. The pursuit was terminated near Bailey Rd. due to speeds and traffic conditions.
  • ·On 8/1/16 at 10:11 pm, two vehicles were possibly racing each other south bound on Hillcrest Ave. at Golden Bear Drive when they both lost control of their respective vehicles and crashed causing damage to city owned trees. Two occupants of one vehicle were transported by ambulance to the hospital for non life threatening injuries.
  • ·On 8/1/16 at 9:50 pm, during a pedestrian contact at Joe’s Liquors, 1911 D St., officers located methamphetamine in the possession of 48 year old Edward Ferogiaro. He was issued a citation for the possession and released at the scene.
  • ·On 8/1/16 at 2:06 pm, officers were dispatched to a complaint of transients setting up camp near the 2800 block of Valencia Lane 33 year old Jamal McClinton was contacted at the camp and found to have three no-cite warrants. McClinton was arrested and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/1/16 at 1:47 pm, officers responded to the area of E 18th St. and Cavallo Rd. for a report of shots fired. Nothing was immediately located in the area, but a victim was eventually contact in the 2700 block of Patricia Ave. The victim stated he’s had an on-going dispute with a male who is known to him. Today, the male shot at the victim as he drove home on Cavallo Rd. The victim’s vehicle was struck several times, but there were no injuries. While searching the area for the suspect’s vehicle, officers contacted 32 year old Deandre Brewer in the area of 13th St. and D St. It was determined that Brewer was not involved with the shooting, but had a warrant for his arrest. Brewer was booked into county jail. The shooting investigation is on-going.
  • ·On 7/31/16 at 10:00 pm, an officer contacted 35 year old John Sanborn at the Executive Inn located at 515 E. 18th St. Sanborn is on probation for narcotics convictions consented to a search of his person. During the search, the officer located suspected methamphetamine along with shaved keys. Sanborn was arrested without incident and later booked into county jail.
  • ·On 7/31/16 at 9:00 pm, an officer observed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed through the intersection of W18th St. and A St. The officer conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver, 26 year old Mario Farias, who displayed signs and symptoms of intoxication. As the officer attempted to have Farias exit the vehicle, he tried to start the engine. A brief struggle ensued and Farias was taken into custody. During a search of the vehicle a loaded .45 caliber revolver was found underneath the driver’s seat. Farias was arrested without further incident and booked into county jail for DUI, resisting arrest, and the loaded firearm.
  • ·On 7/31/16 at 7:03 pm, officers responded to the 2100 block of Aspen Way on a report of a male riding a dirt bike who lost control while doing a wheelie, and crashed into the residence. As officers arrived, the male fled on foot. A perimeter was quickly established and the suspect, 22 year old Michael Salt, was found hiding in the bushes in the In-Shape gym parking lot. Salt was extremely intoxicated and had moderate visible injuries. A computer check revealed Salt had a warrant for his arrest, however due to injuries sustained during the collision, he was transported and later admitted into the hospital. Salt was arrested and released pending further investigation due to his injuries at this time.
  • ·On 7/31/16 at 9:48 am, two neighbors in the 2900 block of Almondridge Dr. began arguing over a disputed debt. One neighbor pulled a knife and attempted to open it while the other neighbor tackled him and knocked the knife from his hand. The two fell to the ground where they began fighting. When officers arrived, the neighbor who started the fight was arrested without incident and booked in county jail on a felony and two misdemeanors. The knife was recovered near the location of the fight.
  • ·On 7/30/16 at 11:28 PM, Officers were dispatched to the 2100 block of Jefferson Way on a report of shots fired with approximately 50 vehicles leaving the area. Upon arrival, officers discovered a nearby residence was having a large party. The resident advised a group of unwanted guests arrived. When told to leave, he heard approximately 4-5 shots from down the street. Officers drove to the end of Jefferson Way and located five 9mm casings in the roadway.No victims or witnesses were located in the area.
  • ·On 7/30/16 at 9:06 pm, 50 year old Tonya Jace was contacted in the Jack’s Carwash on Fitzuren Rd. She was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 7/30/16 at 8:21 pm, 45 year old Justin Wojkowski was contacted during a security check of the shopping center at the old Food 4 Less on Delta Faire Blvd. He was cite released on an outstanding warrant for narcotics violation and admonished about camping or loitering on the property.
  • ·On 7/30/16 at 2:23 pm, mall security from Somersville Towne Center called to report that 26 year old Tyree West was trespassing at the mall again. This was the 30th call for service and 10th case file drawn regarding West trespassing at the mall this month. West was arrested and transported to county jail. Mall staff was advised to seek a restraining order against West because of the high level of calls for service.
  • ·On 7/30/16 at 2:14 pm, the victim was in the parking lot in front of Jerry’s Hot Dog in the 3000 block of Delta Fair Blvd. when an unknown male grabbed the victim’s cell phone from her hand. She resisted the male and fell to the ground. The responsible was able to take the victim’s phone and flee the scene in a burgundy colored Toyota Scion. The victim declined medical attention.
  • ·On 7/30/16 at 9:24 am, an officer saw 35 year old Michael Kyle walking near the Wells Fargo Bank on A St. and knew he had a felony warrant for his arrest. Kyle saw the officer and attempted to cut through the inside of the bank to avoid being captured. Kyle exited the bank and the officer caught up with him in the parking lot. Kyle stopped running and was taken into custody and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 7/29/16 at 7:08 am, the victim called dispatch to report a male, 25 year old Theodore Johansen, just stole his Ford F250 truck from in front of his residence. At 7:36 am, dispatch received a call regarding Johansen burglarizing a vehicle on the corner of Putnam St. and Gentrytown Dr. At 7:39 am hours dispatch received a call regarding Johansen burglarizing a vehicle in the 3300 block of Meadowbrook Rd. Responding officers located the stolen truck driving on G St. near Putnam St. As officers were attempting to catch up to the stolen truck, Johansen ran a stop sign at G St. and Putnam St. and struck a vehicle travelling through the intersection, causing minor damage to the other vehicle. Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the stolen truck and Johansen refused to stop. The officers pursued the vehicle onto Hwy 4 and into the City of Pittsburg. The vehicle pursuit continued on surface streets in the City of Pittsburg until the Johansen drove onto Piedmont Way which was a dead end street. There, Johansen struck a stop sign, knocking it over and then attempted to drive through a fence into a field. The stolen truck got stuck in some loose gravel and became inoperable. An Antioch officer deployed his police K-9 when Johansen refused to follow commands to exit the vehicle and attempted to free the vehicle by accelerating the engine. Johansen was transported to the hospital and was medically cleared. He was later booked into the county jail for numerous felonies with a bail totaling $169,000.
  • ·On 7/28/16 at 8:10 pm, the victim was on the corner of West 10th St. and L St. when 26 year old Charlton Waters approached him asking for a cigarette. When the victim told Waters he did not have any, Waters began assaulting him. During the assault, Waters took the victim’s cell phone and fled. The phone was recovered by an unknown third party and returned to the victim. Waters was located near Antioch High School and detained. He was identified and taken into custody without incident. Waters was booked into county jail.
  • ·On 7/28/16 at 6:20 pm, officers conducted a traffic stop on a gold Honda Civic for having no front license plate in the area of Sunset Dr. and Devpar Ct. A records check showed the Honda Civic was reported stolen out of Antioch on 7/16/16. They verified the VIN on the vehicle and confirmed it was in fact the stolen vehicle. 25 year old Austin Hagmann was the driver of the vehicle and advised he obtained the vehicle from a friend. The vehicle was operated by using a house key. The registered owner of the vehicle responded and advised she did not know who  Austin Hagmann was and he had no permission to drive or possess her car. Austin was arrested and sent to county jail for auto theft. 29 year old Michael Welch, the passenger, was released pending further investigation.
  • ·On 7/28/16 at 1:15 pm, APD received calls regarding a shooting in the 2100 block of Dogwood Way. Officers learned that a white vehicle pulled over on Sycamore Dr. and three males got out. The males shot multiple rounds at a home on Dogwood Way striking the residence and a car parked in the driveway. The victims were contacted at the residence and were less than cooperative, stating they did not know who or why the house was shot at. Gang members are known to frequent the residence. Multiple shell casings from three different guns were located at the scene. The area hospitals were notified and at the time of this writing it appears no one was hit by the gunfire.
  • ·On 7/28/16 at 8:43 am, an unknown person struck a fire hydrant on Somersville Road at James Donlon Boulevard knocking it over. City Public Works responded and repaired the hydrant. There are no suspects or leads at this time.
  • ·On 7/28/16 at 7:46 am, officers responded to 2299 Renwick Lane for suspicious subjects near the pool area of the complex. 32 year old Amy Fiasconaro and 29 year old Adam Renfroe were contacted. Fiasconaro was found to have a warrant for burglary. She was arrested and sent to county jail. Renfro was not charged with a crime and was released at the scene.

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