Dietzel files papers to make second Antioch City Council attempt

Karl Dietzel takes oath of office following filing his nomination papers to run for the Antioch City Council, last week.

Karl Dietzel takes oath of office following filing his nomination papers to run for the Antioch City Council, last week. photo from his campaign Facebook page

On Thursday, August 11, Antioch resident Karl Dietzel filed the papers required to establish his candidacy for a seat on the Antioch City Council. Dietzel, a first-generation immigrant to the United States, and who regularly attends city council meetings, said that he had decided to run because of his desire to help Antioch become a more desirable, family-friendly city that attracts economic development and high paying jobs.

As the Gateway to the Delta, Dietzel said that Antioch should be a natural fit for strong investment, but that a lack of strong leadership had led the city into a “downward spiral.”
Preventing Antioch from achieving economic success are the twin problems of an excessive crime rate and blight, according to Dietzel. These problems are exacerbated, he said, because of a city government that is out of touch with local residents and is more interested in political maneuvering than serving the citizenry.

To address these issues, Dietzel said his campaign would focus on reducing crime and aggressive code enforcement. Dietzel said that focusing city resources on these two areas while ensuring that residents have a voice in their government were absolute prerequisites for bringing in the type of economic development that Antioch residents would like to see.

“My top priority will be to address the high crime rate in Antioch,” said Dietzel. “While all of us are victims of the excessive crime rate, I am personally vested in seeing this matter addressed, as I live in one of the most depressed, crime-ridden areas of Antioch, the Sycamore corridor.”
Dietzel continued, “As a city, we need to make good on the promises of Measure C (i.e., a tax measure passed by local residents which was to ensure additional law enforcement personnel were hired), and stop coming up with excuses for not getting the job done. I support the immediate hiring of all authorized and funded police officers, community service officers, and code enforcement personnel.”

Dietzel is also calling for a work-load study to be done to ensure that money obtained from the taxpayers for law enforcement is being used efficiently, and for the use of a ‘shot-spotter’ system to help our police officers move quickly and decisively to reduce violent crime.
The problem of blight, including trash dumping, graffiti, and homeless encampments, not only detracts from the desirability of Antioch as a place to live and work, but is a factor in the amount of criminal activity, as well, said Dietzel. “The fact is, unless we take immediate action to reduce crime and blight by bringing on the police officers, community service officers, and code enforcement personnel needed to get the job done, talk of economic development will remain a pipe dream.”

Dietzel also addressed a lack of transparency and even-handed dealing by city officials. “We need far more transparency in government,” he said. “Right now, deals are made behind closed doors, ignoring the wishes of our citizens. The shabby treatment of the over 5,000 residents seeking to ‘Save the Yard’ is just one example of our city administration being out of touch with the people.”

“We need change, and we need it now,” concluded Dietzel. “If we continue to elect politicians who are using their positions as stepping-stones to higher office, we’ll never turn the city around. If you want someone who will get the job done, rather than talk, vote for me, Karl Dietzel, for Antioch City Council.”

This is Dietzel’s second run for the city council. He placed sixth out of eight candidates in the 2014 election. He helped lead the unsuccessful effort to defeat Measure C in 2013. (See related article, here)

For more information, contact Dietzel via email at, call him on his cell phone at 925-354-9321 or visit his campaign Facebook page.

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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Karl Dietzel takes oath after filing papers

6 Comments to “Dietzel files papers to make second Antioch City Council attempt”

  1. RJB says:

    Good for you Karl!

  2. Karl dietzel says:

    I would like to offer my view on this nov. election.
    “We the people” have the opportunity to take back
    Antioch and control over and within our city council.

    I endorse lori ogorchock as new mayor, and here
    Is why.
    Lori ogorchock has done more in just 2
    Years for antioch then all the other 4 sitting
    Council members in 4 years.
    If Lori ogorchock becomes elected to mayor,
    Her seat ( 2 years left) becomes available by
    Appointment .
    Which means, we the people will have the chance,
    To turn things around.
    2 new council members ,
    1 appointment
    Plus Lori ogorchock as mayor .

    My post is not to ask you to vote for a certain
    Person, it’s not to ask you to vote for me,
    And certainly it’s not to put down any of the other
    Mayor candidates .

    It’s pretty simple, just think about it.

    Don’t vote for the very same people and expect
    Different results.

  3. Renee says:

    Mr. Dietzel,
    Finally! Your the first person that makes sense. Your wanting to fight crime, blight and political transparency are what we need!

    • karl dietzel says:

      hello renee,
      the problem Antioch has is NOT that Antioch is a beautiful city by the river, super connected now with highway 4 and ebart, antioch has large volunteer groups which do free work work at all levels, the city should do, a waterfront which is not utilized, our elected leaders use the office as jump board for higher office, own agendas, controlled by out of town developers and monies, a city manager who single handed refuses to listen to the very same people who pay him. just look at the yard situation, he simply puts the desire of over 5,000 aside and our sitting city council sits there like stringed puppets. what happens to a democratic process? du process? let the people vote on major issues? duran came highly recommended because of his “economic development” experience. what really happens, the north of highway 4 has a all time high of smoke and alcohol shops, fast food restaurants, dollar stores…did he with all his experience attracted any good paying (livable wages) companies? NO we the people MUST hold our elected officials and city manager accountable. you don’t do your job, you’re out of here and replaced with someone who can. period. Antioch is now the # 4 most dangerous city in north California. a $ 50,000 feel good video and survey, nice sun set pic, holding hands, is NOT doing it.

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