Hardcastle supporter rebuts letter in support of Burgis


It seems Susan Morgan (who failed to identify herself as Vice President of the Ironhouse Sanitary District Board) has made some factual errors in her letter supporting Diane Burgis.  Such errors could easily have been avoided by simply asking her fellow board members who they are supporting in the District 3 Supervisor race.  As shown on www.doughardcastle.com/endorsements, Doug is supported by many current and former public figures and local leaders, including three members of ISDB, namely Chris Lauritzen, Dr. Michael Painter and Board President Doug Scheer.

By failing to check her facts on such a simple matter as public endorsements, Susan Morgan has called into question her veracity and competence as a public servant, a spokeswoman for Ms. Burgis, and as a professional called to a high ethical standard.

In addition, while Morgan identifies the positions held by Ms. Burgis, as evidence of her experience and qualifications for the office of Supervisor, she fails to note Burgis’ length of service (less than four years), or any positive achievements of her chosen candidate.  By contrast, Doug Hardcastle has served Contra Costa County for over 15 years, while at the same time running a local business with his wife, Lyn.  During that time, he supported innovative solutions to reduce ratepayers’ costs, and, after his tenure as Mayor of Oakley, left the city with an improved public safety record and no debt to the State of California.

While I have not met Ms. Burgis personally, not being a member of the politically elite circles in which both she and Susan Morgan seem to move, I know from personal experience that everyone who meets Doug Hardcastle comes away with a positive impression of him, and all of his friends and colleagues can vouch for his honesty, his character, his dedication to public safety, and his record of accomplishment in fiscal management.  None of the other candidates have such a positive record of accomplishment, and none of the other candidates had the courage to challenge the current incumbent after she and her colleagues on the Board of Supervisors voted themselves a large pay raise instead of prioritizing public safety, like the underfunded fire protection service in East County.

In short, if you want a candidate with a record of improving public safety and using your tax dollars wisely, Doug Hardcastle is the only choice.

Sean Pearson


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  1. Susan Morgan says:

    To clarify – Notwithstanding what Mr. Hardcastle has listed on his website, neither Doug Scheer nor Chris Lauritzen has ever provided an endorsement to Mr. Hardcastle in his race for the Supervisor. Both have very specifically indicated that they have not endorsed any candidate in this race, and have not provided Mr. Hardcastle with any permission to use their names in this fashion. Mr. Hardcastle has simply incorrectly and improperly listed them on his website as such. At the time I wrote my letter, Mr. Painter had not provided a written endorsement of Mr. Hardcastle, but my understanding now is that he intends to do so. Hence, once that endorsement is provided, Mr. Hardcastle will have the endorsement of one director on the ISD Board. The fact that he has erroneously listed the other two, brings into question whether any of his other listed endorsements are actually correct or not.

    Also – to further clarify – my letter was written and expresses my opinion only. It is not an attempt (and should not be interpreted) as expressing the opinion of any other person or entity.

    Ms. Burgis is, and has always been, very accessible (and certainly not “elite”). Apparently, you have never volunteered to help out with creek cleanup – where thousands of people gather with Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed (the non-profit organization that Ms. Burgis is the Executive Director of) to help cleanup the Marsh Creek. May I suggest that you avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity to lend a hand and meet Diane personally. She is anything but “elite”.

  2. Susan,

    Doug Scheer endorsed my campaign for Supervisor last October. He signed the line on the Volunteer/Contribution envelope, beneath the box – which he marked – next to “You may list me as a supporter:” and included a check for $300 to my campaign, which was reported having been written on 10/21/15. The envelope was postmarked 10/22/15.

    As for Dr. Michael Painter’s and Chris Lauritzen’s endorsements of my campaign, they were both verbal and to me, in person, long before you sent your letter to the editor.

    While, it’s not necessary to get an endorsement in writing from friends and colleagues I’ve worked with and trust, to clear up any confusion, I’ll be happy to get them in writing.

    Feel free to see Doug Scheer’s signed endorsement of my campaign posted on my campaign’s Facebook page, tonight.

    This election is much more important than who is endorsing whom. The most important endorsement to me is from the voters on Election Day and that’s who I’m focused on.

    Doug Hardcastle
    Candidate for Contra Costa County Supervisor, District 3

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