Writer supports Measure E

Dear Editor:

Over 9,000 citizens signed a petition for Measure E after the Council failed to adopt gambling reforms recommended by an Antioch citizens’ group.

Measure E supports the health and public safety of the Antioch community.  Measure E stops politicians from issuing gambling licenses to felons, keeps gambling away from our churches, schools, and stops card rooms from becoming mini-casinos.  Measure E also helps keep criminal activity that is directly connected to illegal gambling, drug and alcohol abuse and other violent crimes from infiltrating our community.  We need to fight back against dishonest gambling operators and fight the politicians who protect them.   That is why we need Measure E in Antioch.

I find Ms. King’s commentary full of passion and pride regarding her father’s service to our country.  I truly and respectfully appreciate her father’s service to our country as I also appreciate Mr. Wilkinson’s service in Vietnam and his father’s service as a Marine at Guadalcanal during WWII.  Measure E has nothing to do with the sale of Kelly’s Restaurant/Card Room, a business shut down years ago by the State.

I believe Measure E is necessary in order to protect our community, families and property values.  Money spent gambling does very little to boost the local economy.  In fact, gambling establishments can have a negative impact on our community, city government and can create additional strain on our police services.  I believe we do not need additional gambling establishments in Antioch.

You can learn more about Measure E at their website, www.stopantiochgamblingexpansion.com.

Jesse Zuniga

Antioch resident

Zuniga is one of five Antioch residents who signed the ballot argument in favor of Measure E.

2 Comments to “Writer supports Measure E”

  1. John w says:

    Please vote No on E! Yes is a vote for California Grand Casino.

  2. Linda K King says:

    Thank you John, I hope that other readers can also see thru this “smoke screen” that the California Grand has created to mask what the real issue is about. It’s time to stop this LARGE CASINO from manipulating the people of Antioch into doing their bidding.
    I appreciate your vote and support!!

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