Antioch Police Department Calls for Service highlights, August 20-27, 2015

From Antioch City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report, dated 8/28/15, as provided by Police Chief Allan Cantando:

– On 8/27/15 at 1:07 am an Officer responded to the Food Maxx building on Delta Fair Blvd. on a report of an audible alarm. The building was secure however the Officer contacted 30 year old Brian Sarmento to the rear of the building. The Officer obtained a consent to search Sarmento’s person. During the search, The Officer located a meth pipe and shaved keys in his pockets. Sarmento is on probation. Sarmento was arrested without incident and transported to County jail.

On 8/26/15 at 1:57 pm a city employee called APD reporting a trespass at Humphreys at 1 Marina Plaza. Officers located 47 year old Denett Volle trespassing under the business. Volle was uncooperative and found to be on probation and in possession of narcotic paraphernalia. Volle was arrested for the trespass and sent to County Jail.

On 8/26/15 at 9:53 am Antioch High School staff called APD reporting a possible explosive device that was located in a classroom. The area was evacuated and bomb sniffing dogs were called to the location. A photo of the device was sent to the Walnut Creek PD bomb squad and they advised that the device was not an explosive. It was determined that the device was nothing more than a USB battery charger that had been removed from its original packaging.

– On 8/26/15 at 9:16 am Holy Rosary church reported that sometime yesterday during business hours, an unknown person entered the church and stole two donation boxes that contained an unknown amount of money. There is no suspect information.

– On 8/26/15 at 3:12 am officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 400 block of M Street. According to a witness there was an argument between neighbors. Two cars pulled up and a male got out of one of the cars with a handgun and began firing several rounds at an apartment complex. Several apartments were hit, but there were no injuries. While investigating this call, 21 year old Jeric Munoz was trying to fight another subject in front of the officers. Munoz would not stop his aggressive behavior and an officer deployed a Taser device subduing him and taking him into custody.

On 8/25/15 at 11:00pm an officer saw a suspicious occupied vehicle in the parking lot of the Chevron on A Street. When the officer ran the license plate he discovered the vehicle was reported stolen out of the city of Concord. 60 year old Silvia Barron and a 17 year old male were arrested. Barron was sent to County Jail and the juvenile was released to his parent.

– On 8/25/15 at 10:30pm officers were on patrol when they saw 48 year old Gina Matteucci in the parking lot of 7-11 on Buchanan Road. Officers knew she had a warrant for her arrest and took her into custody. She was sent to County Jail.

– On 8/25/15 at 10:28 pm officers were patrolling the Safeway parking lot on Deer Valley Road when they saw 37 year old Ronald Gadbery who they knew had a warrant for his arrest. He was sent to County Jail.

– On 8/25/15 at 9:36 pm officers responded to a call of transients camped out in the parking lot of Antioch Medical Park on Lone Tree Way. 48 year old Pete Weiss was contacted and found to be in possession of methamphetamine. He was arrested and cite released.

– On 8/25/15 at 3:07 pm 2 teenage females were fighting at Antioch High School. The VP attempted to break up the fight and one of the females punched him. The two girls were arrested and one was sent to Juvenile Hall. There were no serious injuries.

– On 8/24/115 at 9:20 an officer located 25 year old Patrick Teague on G Street near Longview Road. Teague was wanted for an Antioch robbery and also had a warrant for his arrest. He was sent to County jail.

– On 8/24/15 at 4:40pm 24 year old Peter Olveda attempted to cash a check for $2600 drawn against the Office of the Sheriff. Olveda said he was released from custody and this was the check he was given for money that was “on his books” when he was released. Officers arrived on scene and detained Olveda while they investigated. The check was obviously altered and upon contacting staff at the MDF they were told the check number was correct but the dollar amount had been changed. Olveda was taken into custody and sent back to County Jail.

– On 8/24/15 at 4:05 pm dispatch received several calls from the Bank of America on Somersville Road stating that there was a man with a gun in front of the bank. The bank was full of customers inside and out. We had the bank lock the doors in order to keep the gunman out and away from the customers. Upon arrival, we located the suspect as he was climbing into a minivan full of people. Officers conducted a high risk stop and the minivan and 33 year old Jose Herrera was detained. It was determined that Herrera did not actually have a gun, but he had been screaming at his girlfriend saying’ “I have a gun and I’m going to shoot you”. The bank customers were all very thankful for the police response. Herrera was placed on a parole hold and sent to County Jail.

– On 8/24/15 at 09:58 am a caller advised that a man was walking down the Terrace Drive, yelling at himself and swinging a knife. The caller advised that the subject was stabbing mailboxes along the street. Officers arrived and found 54 year old Lance Rebeles walking along E18th St. It was determined that he had the knife hidden in his pants and was arrested. We were unable to locate any mail boxes with damage. Lance was sent to County Jail.

– On 8/24/15 at 00:35 am officers arrested 28 year old Natasha Rhoden in the 2200 block of L Street for an outstanding identity theft warrant.

– On 8/23/15 at 9:55 pm officers were on Hacienda Way on an unrelated call when 19 year old Orlando Otero turned onto the street driving in a reckless manner. Officers stopped the vehicle and Otero was arrested for reckless driving and the vehicle impounded. Otero also had a suspended driver’s license.

– On 8/23/15 at 6:45 pm a 50 year old male was in his driveway on Longhorn Court when he was approached by two males in dark clothing. The males assaulted the victim and tackled him to the ground. Once on the ground the suspects went through the victim’s pants pockets stealing his wallet before fleeing in a dark colored four door vehicle. The neighbors had video which was collected and captured the

incident. Another home had video of the suspect vehicle but we were unable to make out a license plate.

– On 8/23/15 at 10:00 am an unknown adult male approached the 27 year old victim on foot and asked him if he had any money or other items. The adult male was holding a handgun along his side at the time. The victim ran away and flagged down an officer who was driving by. An area check was conducted, but the suspect was not located. There was no loss and no injuries.

On 8/23/15 at 06:43 am the manager and maintenance staff at the apartment complex in the 4500 block of Delta Fair Blvd., were evicting 33 year old Karen Walker from her apartment. They noticed that Karen was moving her items from her home and placing them in her car and suspected some of the items might be stolen property. They called the police and officers arrived to find Karen and 32 year old Joey Carroll in a reported stolen car. The 2 were arrested and sent to County Jail.

– On 8/22/15 at 11:56 pm officers responded the several calls of shots being fired in the 1800 block of Cavallo Road. When officers arrived, no one was around and no one would provide any information. Between 1830 and 1834 Cavallo Road officers located a loaded, stolen Colt AR15 rifle with a 30 round magazine wrapped up in a sweatshirt in some weeds. The rifle was reported stolen from an Antioch residential burglary.

– On 8/22/15 at 12:30 pm Food Maxx management on Lone Tree Way was made aware that an employee, 19 year old Octavio Navarreteinfante , was working the register and helping customers, but failing to charge them for the items they were buying. Other employees reported several incidents of Navarreteinfante not charging customers for items. Management contacted their Loss Prevention Office and surveillance was started. Over a short period of time, Navarreteinfante was seen giving items to various customers by not ringing them up. When they interviewed Navarreteinfante, he admitted to giving almost $16,000 worth of merchandise to subjects he refused to identify. Navarreteinfante has only worked for Food Maxx for less than a year. He was arrested and booked into County Jail.

– On 8/21/15 at 7:13 pm officers were dispatched to Kaiser Hospital regarding a 38 year old female that had been struck by another female. Upon arrival they spoke with the victim who stated she was on Somersville Road driving between the carwash and CVS Pharmacy when she heard a female screaming that the victim almost hit her. She got out of her car to apologize to the woman and the woman attacked her. The victim’s boyfriend stepped in between the two. The victim stated she suffered some neck pain as a result and drove herself to Kaiser. An area check was completed and the suspect was not located.

– On 8/21/15 from 09:00 am to 12:00pm a Special Enforcement Detail was worked specifically dealing with panhandlers and trespassing issues at the various locations in the city. Several citations and arrests were made during this time and cleared the areas long after the detail was over.

– On 8/21/15 at 0914 am several neighbors called to report numerous subjects setting up trailers and vehicles as camp sites along Spanos Street. Officers responded and located a fifth wheel, several unregistered vehicles, a motor home, and debris strewn throughout the area. Most of the vehicles and subjects in the area were related to 1731 Linden Way. Code Enforcement arrived and assisted officers on scene. The result was this residence and the neighboring residence were both Red Tagged for various Antioch Municipal Code violations and non-permitted improvements. Several vehicles were towed from the area and a sweep was made by BFI. The debris along the sidewalks and streets was removed. This consisted of several mattresses, various types of furniture, shopping carts, tires, and other assorted trash. Several neighbors contacted officers and thanked them for the cleanup.

– On 8/21/15 at 3:49 am officers were aware that 23 year old Shashonna Sullivan had a No Bail Felony warrant for her arrest from 2012. The Officers responded to Sullivan’s residence in the 2300 block of Sycamore Drive and made contact with her at the door where they arrested her and sent her to County Jail.

– On 8/20/15 at 8:52pm An Officer was patrolling the area of West 8th Street when he saw 22 year old Nyshada Harris standing next to a vehicle and knew that she had a Felony warrant for her arrest. The Officer contacted Harris and arrested her. Harris was sent to County Jail.

– On 8/20/15 at 5:34pm a 16 year old juvenile was riding his skateboard on Lone Tree Way when he was pushed from behind by two males. The victim punched one of the subjects and was punched once in return. The subjects then took his skateboard and fled the area. The victim contacted his mother who brought him home. He had no injuries and both he and his mother declined medical treatment. The victim had no leads as to who the subjects may have been or why he was targeted.

– On 8/20/15 at 4:51 pm officers located 51 year old John Tonsall lying next to a shopping cart next to CVS Pharmacy underneath “No Trespassing” signs. The officer recognized the subject from prior contacts and spoke with the manager of CVS. She advised she wanted the subject arrested for trespassing and signed a citizen’s arrest form. Tonsall was identified and released from the scene on his promise to appear.

– On 8/20/15 at 3:30 pm, while continuing our extra patrol of the Delta Fair corridor, 49 year old Timothy Jones was contacted, passed out behind Straw Hat Pizza. He had an open container of alcohol next to him and he was determined to be heavily intoxicated. He was arrested for drunk in public and due to his severe intoxication was taken to County Jail for a sobering period. He has numerous drunk in public arrests.

– On 8/20/15 at 10:43 am a woman from Islewood Court reported that she heard shots around 0004 am and her alarm went off shortly after, but she did not notify APD. That morning she noticed a bullet hole in her window and decided to call. During an area check of surrounding homes, officers located six bullet holes in a neighbor’s residence. The neighbor was contacted and advised that he also heard shots this morning, but also did not call APD. The victim provided some possible suspect info that is currently being investigated. The responsible may be the victim’s nieces’ ex-boyfriend.

Service Call and Arrest Data: Time Period: 08/20/15 00:00:00 – 08/26/15 23:59:59
Number of Calls for Service: 1,679
Number of Case Reports: 253
Number of Arrests: 77
Felony: 28
Misdemeanor: 48
Infraction: 1
Arrests with DUI charge: 0
The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.



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