Antioch Police Department Calls for Service highlights, Aug. 27 – Sept. 3, 2015

From Antioch City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report, dated 9/4/15, as provided by Police Chief Allan Cantando:

On 9/3/15 the Antioch Police Department’s first Citizen’s Academy graduated. Nine individuals from the community completed a 2 month course in order to gain insight and knowledge into the day to day aspects and inner workings of the Police Department. We would like to thank and commend these individuals for committing their time and energy into learning more about the job of police officer in the City of Antioch.

– On 9/3/15 Chief Cantando promoted Shawn Morin to the rank of Police Corporal, and Rick Smith to the rank of Sergeant. Congratulations to you both and good luck in your new assignments.

– On 9/3/15 at 12:22 am officers responded to the 911 call of a vehicle collision with the responsible attempting to leave the area of Lone Tree Way and Fairside Way. Officers arrived and contacted 24 year old Matthew Gonzales who was involved in a solo vehicle collision into a city sign. Gonzales was later found to be intoxicated. Gonzalez was arrested.

– On 9/2/15 at 10:26 pm 39 year old Lynn Blackman was contacted in the parking lot of Holy Rosary and found to have a $50,000 dollar warrant for his arrest for contempt of court out of San Diego County. He was arrested and sent to county jail.

– On 9/2/15 at 7:38 pm, APD Detectives were out and contacted 32 year old Frank Mercado during a pedestrian stop in the Jack In The Box parking lot on A Street. Mercado had a No Bail warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and sent to county jail.

– On 9/2/15 at 6:21 pm officers were dispatched to Somersville Towne Center for a report of people having sex in a bathroom stall. 45 year old Ernest Curry and a 41 year old female were contacted but their actions were inconclusive. Curry was however on felony probation and out of compliance with his requirements. He was taken into custody and found to have a glass pipe which he admitted was for the purpose of ingesting “crack”. Curry was sent to county jail.

– On 9/2/15 at 2:43 pm officers were dispatched to West Tregallas Road for the report of a vehicle into a residence. Preliminary reports were that two people were trapped in the vehicle. When officers arrived, both occupants were determined to be uninjured and were extricated from the vehicle. The collision caused major damage to the residence. A construction crew was called to the location by the property owner to shore up the residence so the vehicle could be removed. The residents were temporarily displaced when the house was tagged by the City of Antioch Building Department. The collision investigation is on-going. Speed was determined to be a factor in the collision as the driver was unable to negotiate a curve in the roadway.

– On 9/2/15 at 9:30 am an officer was driving by a house on Patricia Avenue knowing it to be a problem house. A records check on a vehicle in the driveway showed it to be stolen out of Bay Point. A subject he recognized as 44 year old Margaret Flores was seen in the house. Knowing she had a warrant for her arrest, officers made contact at the residence. Flores attempted to flee out the back, but went back into the house when she saw perimeter officers. She came to the front door and was detained without incident. A probation search was done and items linking Flores to the stolen vehicle were found inside. She was later booked into county jail.

On 9/1/15 at 9:47 pm dispatch received a call of shots fired at the Ramada Hotel on Mahogany Way in room 314. Officers arrived to find the door and window of room 314 to have multiple bullet holes in them. No one was inside the room, but we located several shell casings of different calibers. Based on the bullet holes and casings it appears that two or more people were shooting at each other. There was no blood located inside or outside of the room.

– On 9/1/15 at 6:48 pm neighbors on South Lake Drive called to report a suspicious vehicle coming and going. An officer located the vehicle which turned out to be stolen. The driver, 40 year old Andrew Brown fled and led officers on a pursuit. Brown crashed near Bryan Ave and fled on foot. After a short foot pursuit he was taken into custody and sent to county jail.

– On 9/1/15 at 4:24 pm dispatch received a call from an intoxicated female who was reporting some kind of disturbance at the Riverview Lodge on I Street. Officers arrived to find the 42 year old male victim holding 53 year old Carmella Coleman on the ground. The officers learned that Coleman was intoxicated and causing problems in the parking lot. When asked to leave, she attacked the victim, striking him with a rum bottle. Coleman was arrested and transported to county jail where she tried to fight with jail staff. There were no serious injuries.

– On 9/1/15 at 1:30 pm 36 year old David Bickham was contacted with several other at the transient encampment behind 1700 Sycamore Drive. Bickham had a “No Cite” warrant for his arrest and he was transported to county jail.

– On 9/1/15 at 1:15 am officer’s conducted a warrant service on Hobart Court for 38 year old Steven Delgado who had an outstanding no bail warrant for his arrest. Delgado was located inside the residence and taken into custody without incident. Delgado was transported and booked into county jail.

– On 8/31/15 at 4:15 pm we received a call from a victim of a carjacking in Bay Point last night. The victim was car jacked and pistol whipped by some of his associates and reported the crime to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office. After being released from the hospital the victim started tracking his stolen iphone. The phone’s GPS brought him to an address on Silvercrest Court. He called APD for assistance in recovering the phone. Antioch officers made contact with a group of people at the house. 32 year old Damien Johnson was one of these people contacted and he was found to be in possession of about an ounce of methamphetamine. The stolen iphone was located in the garbage can and recovered. The main suspect in the carjacking is known to hang out at this address, but he was not on scene at the time. The Sheriff’s Office was notified.

– On 8/31/15 at 2:43 pm an officer spotted a stolen vehicle traveling behind him in traffic in front of Antioch High School. The officer was able to turn off and get behind the vehicle. The driver (CDC Parolee-41 year old Sonny Mitchell) started to evade and a vehicle pursuit ensued. Mitchell sped away on 19TH St from “D” St. Mitchell jumped the raised curb at the turnabout onto “G” Street, and then tried to flee on W 18TH St past the High School. As the pursuit was terminated Mitchell drove into grid-lock traffic and tried to make a u-turn. Mitchell collided with a vehicle in front of him at low speeds and had nowhere to go. Mitchell was challenged at gun point and taken into custody. There were no injuries as a result of the collision. During this investigation Mitchell’s cell phone was searched and found to have child pornography on it. He was sent to county jail.

– On 8/31/15 at 10:36 am passer-bys called in on 33 year old Christian Davis who was running towards the Jack in the Box on A Street with a knife in his hand. The callers stated that Davis seemed “high.” Officers responded to the area and detained Davis without incident. A fixed blade knife was located concealed on his person and he was arrested and booked into county jail.

– On 8/31/15 at 1:35 am a 22 year old male and another male (he had just met online) were inside his vehicle smoking marijuana in the parking lot of Gentrytown Park when they were approached by an adult male and adult female. The adult male brandished a knife and pulled the victim out of the vehicle by his shirt. The male subsequently took the victim’s cell phone. The adult male and female then left the area. The victim was not injured, the person who the victim was with was not located and there is no further suspect info.

– On 8/30/15 at 9pm officers responded to a local hospital on the report of a male who was being treated for stab wounds to his abdomen. Officers contacted the 27 year old victim and his mother. The victim was not cooperative and would not provide any details. The victim’s mother stated that he had come home with a female she had never seen before. Both went into his room for a short time, then exited the room and walked outside. She walked outside to check on him and found him bleeding in the front yard. There is no suspect description at this time.

– On 8/30/15 at 8:05 pm, 33 year old April Rogers was driving along Hargrove Street and hit a parked car. She was determined to be under the influence of alcohol and was arrested. There were no injuries.

– On 8/30/15 at 1130 am officers contacted 46 year old James Gittens panhandling at Somersville Rd and HWY 4. A subsequent search yielded heroin paraphernalia. Gittens was arrested and removed from the area.

– On 8/30/15 at 12:30 am a 24 year old male drove to the 7-11 on Buchanan for a drink. As he was walking back to his car, two males approached him on foot. One suspect punched him in the jaw and then displayed a handgun. The two suspects went through the victim’s pockets and took his cash and cell phone. The victim feared for his life, so he fled in his car. He ran out of gas and had to run to Chevron to report the crime.

– On 8/29/15 at 11:03 pm a home owner on Macaulay Street called 911 to report an unknown subject in the back yard attempting to open his shed. Officers found 23 year old Richard Johnson in the back yard. Johnson told the officers that he is homeless and was looking for a place to sleep. He was arrested on 2 no cite warrants and sent to county jail.

– On 8/29/15 at 11:22 pm 39 year old Christopher Fail was driving on Fitzuren Rd with his juvenile daughter and niece in the car. As he passed through the intersection of G Street, Fail lost control and collided into a light pole. Fail displayed objective symptoms of intoxication but refused to perform field sobriety tests. He was arrested and later blew a .12 BAC (blood alcohol content) at APD. Neither juvenile was injured. Fail was found to have a suspended driver’s license from a prior DUI, and was on probation out of Alameda County for DUI. He was sent to county jail.

On 8/29/15 at 6:11 pm citizen’s observed 47 year old Jeffrey Simmons standing over a fire near two buildings near 300 H Street and saw him adding additional fuel onto the fire. They confronted Simmons and used a fire extinguisher from their vehicle to put the fire out. Simmons left on foot but was located nearby and identified as the responsible. Simmons was in possession of a “Bic” lighter and had fresh burn marks on his thumb. He admitted to starting the fire, but said it was accidental. He was arrested and transported to county jail.

– On 8/29/15 at 11:27am a homeowner on Patricia Avenue was cleaning and came across a shotgun. She does not own any guns and does not allow them in her house. She called APD and turned the gun over. The shotgun was found to be sawed off and the serial numbers removed. A short time later her roommate, 32 year old Joshua Jacobson, came home and learned his shotgun had been given to the police. He became upset and smashed out the windows in the house and on the homeowner’s vehicle. He fled prior to officers arriving. Jacobson is a convicted felon.

– On 8/29/15 at 10:30 am dispatch received a stating 22 year old James Buie had just thrown an unknown object in a female’s face on Parker Lane. Buie left walking north on Cavallo Road. Officers attempted to contact Buie in front of 1824 Cavallo Road and he took off running down into the apartment parking area. Buie fell at the bottom of the drive way near a parked car, got up and went to the front of the parked car. Buie threw a zipper makeup style bag under the car and then ran towards officers with his fists clinched. He was taken to the ground and arrested. The bag he threw was found to contain cocaine packaged for sales. Buie also possessed marijuana for sales and other associated paraphernalia. The female was located and denied being struck in the face. She stated she and Buie were in a verbal argument only.

– On 8/29/15 at 8:51 am a woman on Patricia Avenue called regarding a subject sleeping on her porch. 30 year old Travis Marquez was not known to her and was found to have two warrants for his arrest when contacted by officers. He was arrested without incident and booked into county jail.

On 8/28/15 at 6:25 pm a local hospital called to notify us that a stabbing victim, had arrived in the Emergency Room. They advised that the 33 year old female would not tell them what happened or where it happened. Officers arrived and contacted the victim, who had stab wounds to her right hand and arm. She refused to provide any information and requested a lawyer as officers tried to obtain information from her.

– On 8/28/15 at 4:13 pm a 16 year old male was walking home from Deer Valley High School. He was on the walking path behind Diablo Vista Elementary when three subjects approached him from behind. One of the subjects grabbed his backpack and pulled him to the ground. His backpack was pulled from his back as he fell. He quickly got up and punched the subject that took his backpack. All three subjects then fled on foot with the backpack, which contained school supplies. The victim could only describe the subjects as unknown race males. There were not located during an area check.

– On 8/28/15 at 4:53 pm 22 year old Jonathan Fernandez and 22 year old Joseph Silva set up a meet to buy Zanex from a 21 year old male. They got into an argument over the price and the 21 year old walked away. Fernandez and Silva were in a car during this deal and ran over the 21 year old as he was walking away. They then got out and assaulted him and took property from him. Officers were in the area for an unrelated call and saw the responsible vehicle. A stop was made and the victim identified both subjects and the car. The victim suffered several abrasions and a separated shoulder. He was treated at a local hospital and later released. Both Fernandez and Silva gave full confessions. They were sent to county jail.

– On 8/28/15 at 8:42 am APD Dispatch was advised by LAPD that they had received an anonymous text through TIPSOFT stating there was a pipe bomb set to go off in the Antioch Police Facility. The Tipster also made several comments against officers working at APD accusing them of various crimes. Both APD and Animal Control were searched visually and with the aid of BART PD Bomb Dogs. No devices were located and based on information the Tipster provided, it appears to be a subject known to APD for several other recent incidents.

– On 8/28/15 at 3:49 am officers responded to the area of Nightingale Drive on the report of subjects in the area with guns. Officers arrived and located 30 year old Christopher Smith. Smith did not have any firearms but was under the influence of a controlled substance. Smith is also on two counts of probation. Smith was arrested without incident and booked into county jail.

– On 8/27/15 at 11:19 pm officers responded to the area of Park Middle School near the baseball fields on a report of a female screaming for help. Upon arrival officers located a 49 year old male, transient, with a stab wound to his abdomen. He was less than cooperative and only stated an unknown man stabbed him. He was transported to John Muir Hospital with non life threatening injury. The victim’s current girlfriend, who is also transient, was possibly involved. Investigation still ongoing.

– On 8/27/15 at 8:18 pm officers were dispatched to the 2800 block of Bonita Ave for a female heard screaming for help from inside the residence. Officers arrived and found the garage door wide open. 33 year old Ryan Sikes was walking into the garage from the residence. When he saw officers, he ignored their commands to come outside and instead went back inside the residence and slammed the door. The door was found to be unlocked and several announcements were given for the occupants to come outside, but there was no response. Officers entered the residence for a welfare check and Sikes and a 33 year old female were found hiding inside. Sikes had two warrants for his arrest and was detained without incident. Both parties said they were in a loud verbal argument only. Sikes admitted to hiding inside due to his warrants. He was arrested and sent to county jail.

– On 8/27/15 at 2:45 pm the 7-11 store on Sunset Lane called APD after discovering that an employee, 45 year old Mukhpal Singh, had embezzled over $10,000 from the business over the past five months. Singh was captured on video numerous times over that time period stealing money from the cash registers. Singh was contacted and admitted to stealing from the registers, but claimed he only took around $2,000. Singh was arrested and transported to county jail.

– On 8/27/15 at 2:28 pm officers responded to the 3000 block of Buchanan Road after receiving calls of 24 year old D’Paris Williams walking around with a pry bar smashing car windows. He was gone on arrival, but based on the description given, officers were able to get Williams identified through a photo lineup with witnesses. Williams was later located and denied any involvement. Williams has been the subject of several recent calls for aggressive panhandling and threatening customers. Williams was booked into county jail.

Service Call and Arrest Data: Time Period: 08/27/15 00:00:00 – 09/02/15 23:59:59
Number of Calls for Service: 1,731
Number of Case Reports: 279
Number of Arrests: 85
Felony: 35
Misdemeanor: 50
Arrests with DUI charge: 3
The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.


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