Letter writer wants overhaul of Antioch Code Enforcement program

Dear Editor:

The City of Antioch needs to face some of our key problem areas and failures head on or continue its downward spiral as the kids now call Antioch the “New East Richmond.”

The Code Enforcement program has continued to be a major dismal failure. Even though they have the ability to fine absentee slumlords $1,000 per day penalties, in addition to contracting the clean up which could then be placed on their annual tax bill for payment.

No more excuses. This program needs a major overhaul. Section 8 over all is a good program, helping those that need a little extra support, but there are three- to four percent of the approximately 2,000 Section 8 homes that are creating all the major problems and multiple police calls. These same out of town slumlords need to be held accountable similar to the Section 8 program in Pittsburg, where you get two strikes and you’re out. No more rent money for these slumlords. It’s not that complicated.

Antioch has also now become the dumping ground for panhandlers. They are everywhere. Safeway, Wells Fargo and just about every freeway off ramp. Why? Because Pittsburg, Oakley and Brentwood have all cracked down on this problem 100% and Antioch has sat by and done nothing.

If our Antioch officials will just take the lead and follow other successful programs that are already in place in other surrounding communities, I think there is still hope for a major turnaround for Antioch.

If not we will be the New East Richmond or maybe even worse.

Greg Feere


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  1. Julio says:

    Oh Mr. Ferre: Have you not heard, this is the city of “we can’t”.

    WE CAN’T because we don’t have the staff.
    WE CAN’T because we don’t have a computer program to do that.
    WE CAN’T because we don’t have the money but everyone has huge raises and new cars and trucks.
    WE CAN’T because we can’t get the information.
    WE CAN’T is the mantra for the City of Antioch.

  2. karl dietzel says:

    good letter
    the layoffs of the code enforcement department and all csos was the most and greatest mistake made.
    since the recession is over no efforts are made to put those two back in business. were seeing the results daily. over the years the issues have been avoid at all cost. even the hiring of the 102 authorized and funded jobs is lengthy and in all reality there is very little net gain of officers, were just replacing.
    why council is not addressing the issue during public meetings and directing the city manager to act upon , is a miracle to me.
    having said all this, the city needs to rehire a fully staffed code enforcement department and all csos.
    with all csos in place the pd department would have at least 10 officers on the spot who could go on patrol, and code enforcement could take care of business.
    off course were hearing the excuses of , hard to find, we only want the best and so on, and so on.
    there are third parties companies where the city can hire temps with the very same qualifications (we did that with 3 code enforcement)until we have found the people we want.
    the blight/ trash/ run down houses and so on is out of control.

    I also suggest that the city council puts our city manager on notice if he does not follow and complies with the directions given, he will be fired.
    but hey….city council is not giving any direction.

  3. James Dupire says:

    you can smell the toilet smell if you drive with car windows down, from the A street off ramp past the wells fargo bank on 18th and A. Lack of enforcement is appaling and seems almost criminal…

  4. Connie Komar says:

    Greg & Karl are so right on, Thank you gentlemen. I don’t understand does the city not see the messes & homeless sleeping everywhere they shouldn’t be. Everyone else see’s it. Antioch is one big ugly camp ground. Mayor, Council members & City manager you are failing on your job, you need to take care of this problem. Do you think your going to get good people to move into these homes you want to build? clean up Antioch first, then maybe we can get good people to come here. Mr Duran you know what our reputation is once you go over the hill, building more homes is not going to change that. Clean this city up first!

  5. The Code Enforcement track will be October 3-4, 2015. Please see the links on the home page for the agenda and registration if you would like to attend.

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