Next Antioch Neighborhood Cleanup at Hillcrest Park, this Saturday

Neighborhood Cleanup

The Antioch Police Department is excited to announce the 62nd installment of the Neighborhood Cleanup Program. This is a collaborative community effort which involves active participation from The Antioch Police Department Crime Prevention Commission; Neighborhood Watch Program; Volunteers in Police Service; community volunteers and the Public Works Department.

The 62nd Neighborhood Cleanup event will occur on Saturday, August 1st from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Hillcrest Park on Larkspur Drive. Please meet in the parking lot on Larkspur Drive.

The City of Antioch Neighborhood Cleanup program is not just for residential neighborhoods. It is a program that will change venues on a monthly basis and it will include business and commercial areas as well. Neighborhoods that are free of trash and refuse are inviting, and a clean community instills a sense of community pride.

Volunteers will receive instructions and the equipment necessary to accomplish the goal. The targeted area is within walking distance. Excluding inclement weather, future Neighborhood Cleanup events are scheduled for the first Saturday of every month and the locations will be announced in advance.

Remember, cleaning up your neighborhood can make life better for your family, your neighbors and your community.

One Comment to “Next Antioch Neighborhood Cleanup at Hillcrest Park, this Saturday”

  1. Reginald Jamal Brown says:

    It’s awesome how good residents of the city dedicate their time and energy into keeping this city beautiful. It’s even more awesome that these hard working citizens still pay their taxes that is supposed to maintain the streets/landscaping/garbage.

    Its a double whammy. We pay in real estate taxes to keep our city clean and dedicate our time and energy to do it ourselves.


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