Fire District provides more details on Thursday’s chemical release at Antioch Water Park

Antioch Water Park

CoCoFireBy Battalion Chief Bob Atlas, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

On June 18, 2015 at approximately 2:31 pm Contra Costa County Fire – Engine 82 (Antioch), Quint 83 (Antioch), Engine 81 (Antioch), Engine 88 (Antioch), Engine 85 (Pittsburg), Battalion 8 (Pittsburg), 1113 (BC of EMS) and 1102 Asst. Chief of Operations responded to a report of 10 to 12 children getting sick from drinking pool water at the Antioch Water Park at 4701 Lone Tree Way in Antioch.

Upon arrival of the First AMR Unit (PM175) the incident was upgraded to an MCI Tier 1 based on reports of 15-20 patients. Battalion 8 upgraded the response to add 2 additional Engines. Engine 82 arrived on scene established Prewett IC and requested County Hazmat. A medical group was established with Captain 88 as Med. Group Supervisor.

After carefully assessing the incident it was found that more patients were coming forward and the incident was escalated to a Tier 3 MCI. Notifications were made to all agencies. A total of 34 patients were treated, 17 were transported to area hospitals and 17 were released to their legal guardians.

Per County Hazmat, County Health and CCCFPD Investigators and with the cooperation of the City of Antioch and its Recreation Department a joint investigation into cause and origin was initiated. Those results are not available as of this writing. During this hour and a half incident no responders were injured and the water park remains closed this [Friday] morning.

Incident Statistics

RESPONSE: 1Truck Company, 4 Engines, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Battalion Chief in charge of EMS, 2 Public Information officers, 1 Assistant Chief, 2 AMR Supervisors, 1 AMR Assistant Chief, 9 AMR ambulances, 4 Network Provider BLS Ambulances, Antioch PD, County Hazmat, County Health, 1 Tri-Delta Transit Bus.

ASSISTING AGENCIES: AMR, Antioch P.D., County Hazmat, County Health, Norcal Ambulance, ProTransport Ambulance, Falk Ambulance


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Antioch Water Park

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  1. Karl dietzel says:

    I just wonder why our mayor harper has not addressed
    That issue publicly ?

  2. Reginald Jamal Brown says:

    I bet some dumb thug tampered with the water system, which caused harm to these children. Law enforcement should have UPGRADED the investigation to terrorism.

    Oh wait, the security cameras, assuming there is footage, probably shows one of Obama’s kids doing the crime, hence they are protected under Antioch law.

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