Antioch man to celebrate 10 years of business success in Honolulu

Nathan Bingham, owner of Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales in Honolulu.

Nathan Bingham, owner of Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales in Honolulu.

Nathan Bingham’s Hawaiian Style Rentals& Sales offers mopeds, scooters, bicycles and more

HONOLULU, HI, June 16, 2015 – When entrepreneur, Nathan Bingham, started his business out of the back of his pick-up truck at the ripe old age of 19, little did he know that it would grow into one of the most popular locally owned and operated activity companies in Hawaii. Established in July 2005 with just a couple of mopeds, Bingham has proudly grown the business slow and steady to a staff of six employees, a fleet of mopeds, bicycles, and the new environmental friendly Scoot Coupes, along with its headquarters now located in the heart of Waikiki.

With a lot of hard work and determination, Bingham and the staff of Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales (HSRS) are on their way to celebrating their 10-year anniversary on July 4, 2015. As anyone knows, getting to such a successful milestone anniversary is no small feat for any business.

At HSRS, we have a sense of purpose,” said Bingham. “Most of our customers are first-time riders and visitors to Hawaii. We not only show them how to safely operate their new vehicle, but we also help give them cool suggestions on where to go and what to do for that day. They always have a great time and we receive a number of reviews and compliments about how much fun they had on their rentals.”

Nathan Bingham, front center, with his Hawaiian Style company staff.

Nathan Bingham, front center, with his Hawaiian Style company staff.

The company has also found itself in the position to reach out and give back and have established several partnerships in the community including the Hawaii Food Bank, Parents And Children Together (PACT), and Make-A-Wish Hawaii.

At the end of 2014, our staff was able to collect 546 lbs. of food consisting of canned goods and bags of rice during the holiday season,” Bingham shared. “In February 2015, we partnered with PACT, and each quarter, will donate a bicycle for an under privileged youth through our Bikes For Tikes program.”

In April 2015, we worked with our friends from Make-A-Wish Hawaii and donated a portion of proceeds from our brand new blue and white Scoot Coupes (an enclosed three-wheel scooter that seats two people side-by-side) to assist with local wishes,” he added.

With an international clientele of guests, every day at HSRS is exciting and different.

We connect with people from all around the world and have visitors from U.S., Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Italy, Brazil – the list goes on and on,” stated Bingham. “It is amazing how many cultures we get exposed to and they all come here to for one common purpose, and that is to experience the beauty and culture of Hawaii. Our job is to assist in making that experience come true, two-wheels (and sometimes three-wheels) at a time.”

About Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales

Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales is Hawaii’s premier rental specialist for touring Oahu. Whether cruising the bustling streets of Honolulu by bicycle, burning up the highway on a scooter, or zipping up and down coastal roads on top-of-the-line mopeds, many quickly discover that experiencing Hawaii really is better on two wheels. Every Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales booking includes lessons, maps, helmets, and locks. If you’re in or planning a trip to Honolulu, visiti their website at or call 866.91-MOPED (866.916.6733). You can also connect with them through social media via Instagrams: HSRS, Twitter: @HIStyleRentals or Facebook: Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales.

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