Writer claims independent effort to elect Glazer shatters $4 million mark

Dear Editor:

During a debate with Assemblymember Susan Bonilla on KQED Forum, last week, State Senate candidate Steve Glazer claimed:

I have not sent out any mail. And I’ve not put on any radio ads or TV ads.”

That’s quite unusual for any campaign – even one for City Council or a Water Board, never mind a State Senate campaign in a competitive district.

How can Glazer not spend a dime on voter communication that’s part and parcel to nearly all political campaigns?

Because he relies exclusively on independent expenditures by special interests in a too-cute-by-half strategy that flirts with the law.

Those interests are shattering all records. As of last night, they have spent a record $4 million on his campaign:

– LA Republican developer Bill Bloomfield has now spent $ $1,771,013.95 [$596,000 in the first election, $8,400 in direct contributions from Bloomfield and his wife and $ $1,119,149.36since the March 17 election]

– JobsPAC, described by the Sacramento Bee as a political committee funded by tobacco, drug, and oil companies, has spent $1,242,322.85 [$376,476.53 in the first election and $865,846.32 since March 17]

– Charter Schools IE has spent $856,375.39 [$175,207.09 in the first election and $681,168.30 since March 17]

– EdVoice has spent $710,685.79  [$36,794.93 in the first election and $673,890.86 since March 17]

– Govern for CA Action Committee has spent $11,549.84, all since April 29

– Koch Brothers affiliated Independent Women’s Voice has spent $8,600 since May 6.

Meanwhile, as for the candidates:

– Glazer has raised $255,500.00 since March 17.

– Susan Bonilla reported $749,501.69 since March 17.

So how does the Glazer strategy work? Simple. Glazer posts information on his Facebook page and website. And bingo – they instantly become mail pieces and TV ads. In the last few weeks, this has included “letters” from his wife, his daughter, and even Glazer himself that turned into direct mail pieces. This is a far cry from the days when IE’s typically took images off a candidate’s website; Glazer knowingly posts this information directly for IE use since he admits his campaign has no direct mail, TV or radio effort.

(Glazer’s patron saint, GOP LA developer Bill Bloomfield, even owns and operates the website www.steveglazer.com).

So don’t believe Glazer’s consultant-talk about “special interests.” Without them, he’d have no campaign. And he knows it.

Steven Maviglio, Spokesman, Working Families Opposing Glazer for Senate 2015

Working Families Opposing Glazer for Senate 2015 is sponsored by labor organizations.  Major funding by California State Council of Service Employees Political Committee and California Teachers Association Independent Expenditure Committee.  Not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. 

4 Comments to “Writer claims independent effort to elect Glazer shatters $4 million mark”

  1. Marty Fernandez says:

    As a hard working man my whole life and at times a member of three different unions I am voting for Steve Glazer and have worked on his campaign.

  2. Arne says:

    Gee, when I look at all the third party mailers in support of Susan Bonilla and opposing Steve Glazer, they are all funded by union interests.

    Seems the writer doesn’t want to mention what his unions have done on Bonilla’s behalf lol

    • Eric A says:

      I bet the writer thought the Antioch Herald was doing a good enough job mentioning Bonilla’s Union connections.

  3. Libby says:

    the author of this piece, likes to think of himself as the karl rove of the left. It is only my opinion but guys like the author of this piece and rove are the cause of most of the problems Americans face today.

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