Writer says Measure O opponents are like Pinocchio

Dear Editor:

Pinocchio doesn’t live in Antioch.

Neither do the big money people behind the no on O campaign.

The City Council did not lie to voters. All of the Measure C funds are going to hire police officers. There is an oversight committee to insure that happens. The increase is off to a slow start because so many officers retired in 2014.

Every business in Antioch is expected to pay an annual business license tax. Landlords don’t. When someone rents a house, it’s for profit. That’s a business! Landlords need to pay their FAIR SHARE in Antioch. They do in most other cities.

A tax on seniors. What a lie that is. The majority of all seniors living in Antioch own their homes. NO HOMEOWNERS ARE AFFECTED BY MEASURE O. Measure O only applies to rental properties.

Most of Antioch’s public employees are still on a 4 day work week. Measure O will get them back to work full time. This will be a big step in getting Antioch back on track.


Wayne Harrison, Antioch

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