Columnist: Illegal Youth Spread Rapidly Across US

The Way I See It - Lou logoBy Lou Davis

As President Obama and the US Congress continue wasting time, NOT running the country, thousands of young children from Central American countries, including Guatamala, Honduras, and El Salvador. They are coming into this country, through Mexico, and are spreading across the United States like wildfire. Most of these kids have no parents.

Chicago-style politics didn’t work too well in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Egypt over the past five years, so while the president is trying to straighten out that mess, he’s paying little attention to America’s borders. Or, was it all planned like that, as an Obama-orchestrated Immigration by Amnesty program?

Since October, 2013, nearly 50,000 young Central Americans came to this country, illegally, Not only does this condition add to the continually swelling rolls of unemployment, but now there are more unaccounted for criminals on our streets, and children of all ages, in varying stages of health, will overcrowd our hospitals and medical facilities.

Democrats and Republicans have one thing in common; they cannot make a decision on an immigration policy that is best for the whole country. Republicans are working on a plan that is more in line with conservative and Constitutional principles. Democrats however, have all-inclusive ideals which enables new immigrant to enter the country with less stringent requirements. They also feel it will help build up voting blocs that keep them in power.

During a Democratic Party Senatorial fund-raising speech at Worcester, Tech., President Obama said “Our future rests on the success of DREAM kids.” In other words, he was saying the illegal children are our future.

For some ten years now, this children-smuggling through America’s southern borders has been going on. But, over the past five years, the numbers have increased from hundreds annually, to tens of thousands.

Smugglers have been kept informed about America’s ever-increasing acceptance of illegals by ultra-liberal media outlets in this country. They’re telling smugglers thar once children enter this country, they cannot be sent back to their original homes. The more they hear about increasingly laxed policies on our borders, the more illegal people they will send to America, their promised dream country.

Resources, used to house and feed these illegal immigrants, include old military buildings and schools, which would otherwise be used as storm shelters for legal residents, during tornadoes and other hazardous weather conditions.

While younger children are being cared for, with shelter, food and medical needs, older illegals are joining gangs in many of our cities, and being taken advantage of; increasing the numbers of prostitutes, drug dealers and other gangster types.

For the bottom line, listen closely to our president, and politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and even Attorney General Eric Holder.

They talk about voting rights, civil rights, and even used words like humanitarianism. What they’re really doing is walking in lock step with President Obama, and changing the Constitution as they go. They’re filling in another piece of the American transformation puzzle, which the president has promised to put together since his first day in office.

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  1. No one says:

    Those poor orphans…no, I’m sorry, I mean those evil kindergarteners, always wanting to leave their home and everything they know and love all in their desire to go to a foreign land and join a gang, where they can live a fulfilled and happy life as criminals, just like what drove the pilgrims, Southern Europeans, Irish, Jewish, Eastern Europeans, etc. here … to the promised land of … gangs ? Funny, for example, that the first unwanted influx of Irish were all reported “criminals”.

  2. bill says:

    The Irish, Italians, Chinese and others were all used as a resource. The government was a big exploiter of many immigrants from the civil war forward as soldiers and labor.

    Entering “unwanted” and illegal is a bit different than unwanted and legal.

    There is a process to enter this country as a permanent resident and to pursue citizenship.

    As for costs, at the end of the day someone has to pay for it.

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