Agopian shares about his cancer at brief Antioch Council meeting – “Not going to give up living… or on this city”

By Allen Payton

At a very brief council meeting, that lasted less than half an hour tonight, Councilman Gary Agopian shared with the public that he has an inoperable brain tumor for which there is no cure.

The first thing I want to say is I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior,” Agopian said.”I want to be the man he wants me to be…and that my wife Robin wants me to be.”

He went on to share, with those in attendance, including Robin and His wife Robin and other family members, as well as on live TV on Comcast’s local cable access Channel 24, that he will know more about his condition and any treatments, later this week.

To his fellow council members he said, “I love you. I know that sounds strange being said up here. But I do.”

In a phone conversation, earlier today, Agopian shared that while the tumor, that has crossed over to the other hemisphere in his brain, is inoperable, it’s not untreatable. He’s going to focus on a healthy diet, which many studies and the experiences of others, has shown, can have a significant impact on the healing of someone with cancer.

CORRECTION: But, he also shared that the doctors told him people with his condition have a mean lifespan of two to two-and-a-half years. Half fall on one side, half on the other. Gary doesn’t know where he is on that, yet.

So, I’m going to continue to serve. I’m not giving up on living,” he stated emphatically during the council meeting. “I’m not giving up on this city.”

Following his words, Mayor Harper and the other three council members shared their thoughts and telling him they were praying for him, loved him and to not give up.

I just know you’re going to beat this,” Councilwoman Monica Wilson stated. “We’re going to be together at the Rivertown Jamboree in 2015.”

A streaming video from this council meeting, and all regular council meetings held in the Council Chambers can be viewed on the city’s website at

2 Comments to “Agopian shares about his cancer at brief Antioch Council meeting – “Not going to give up living… or on this city””

  1. If there’s anything I can do to help or if you have any questions please ask.

  2. Chen Do says:

    I watched the council meeting with Agopian stating his courage to fight the cancer and fight for the city. I am deeply humbled by his strength, endurance, and dedication to Antioch. My heart goes out to you Agopian, you are a kind, wise, and excellent example of the people who can really make a difference in this city.

    I will have you in prayers for a speedy recovery.


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