Writer thanks BART management

Dear Editor:

I think last week’s strike by BART employees helped riders to experience the commitment and care the management has.

As a regular rider to and from work in SF, I was perplexed at first when the news of the greedy employees came to light but the management made life easier by providing free charter buses from Walnut Creek BART station and other stations. This act was great and I never missed work or got to work late during the five-day strike.

I also hope the greedy employees will be grateful to have job and one of them said he merely made $61,000 last year. How many people with Bachelor’s degree and hefty student loans make $61,000 a year? Such comments took away my sympathy, and besides, many of the station agents are just there for nothing because I have witnessed some rude attitudes from some.

Thank you BART management and please recruit new dependable employees within the 30-day window.

John Tanwani, Antioch

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  1. Joe says:

    All public sector employees had their salaries frozen, got laid off, and had to pay their own retirement since 2008. Bart workers should pay their fair share too! I work for thr City of San Francisco and must fund my own retirement and pay 225/month for healthcare. Same goes for the State of Ca and other city workers too. What makes Bart employees so special? They are very rude and lazy to boot.

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