Letter writer supports Vinson for Antioch School Board

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regards to the Antioch Unified School District elections that will take place in just a matter of days. My mother Debra Vinson is indeed running for school board and I would like to state a few reasons as to why I believe she is the best candidate for the job. It would be too simple to state that I am voting for my mother simply because she is my mom or that I want people to vote on that basis alone. It would also be an immense understatement of her abilities if I left it at that.

Ms. Vinson has the kind of drive and enthusiasm that the AUSD needs, especially at a time like this. As a former student of Antioch High School, I believe that I am proof that students that come from that high school can succeed. My mother always pushed me to do the best that I could do as well as supported me in all of my endeavors. I graduated AHS as a Music Master, an athlete and an honors student who recieved mutliple college acceptance letters. I now attend the University of California, Santa Barbara and am studying abroad. I credit my drive to succeed in everything I do and try new things to my mother’s support and care. She knows what it takes to motivate students, motivate teachers and motivate parents to fight for their students in order to make sure that every child recieves the best education they can and takes full advantage of all opportunities possible. Every student from the AUSD can attend a 4-year university or trade school, they just need the right tools to do so and it is my firm belief that my mother can provide those tools.

My mother knows how the AUSD operates and as a psychotherapist, violence prevention trainer and school counselor I do not doubt for a second that she can implement strategies to turn the AUSD around. Whenever I talk to my fellow graduates from the class of 2010 I always hear about the school system and all of the elementary, middle and high schools getting worse. I want to be proud of the school I graduated from and I want the district to have a better reputation so that students have a better opportunity to get into university, as well as achieve higher test scores. So often it feels as if the district does not care about the students minus a select few; and having seen the nepotism and favoritism that is shown to some of the “star” students, I believe my mother will be able to change that. Therefore, it is for those reasons that I advise the voters of Antioch to vote Debra Vinson for School Board Member. A vote that will truly make a difference. Thank you and happy voting.

Morgan Vinson

University of California, Santa Barbara

Programming Vice President, RHA

Chief of Staff, Office of the President, Associated Students

Scholarship Chair, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi

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  1. Walter Ruehlig says:

    Great letter, Debra!

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