Letter writer is candidate for State Senate, offers comparison with incumbent

If Dems take State Senate expect taxes to go up

Did you know that it takesa 2/3rds vote by the legislature to raise your taxes? Did you know that the Democratic Party only needs to pick up two seats in the California Senate and they will have the 2/3rds that they need? Did you know that based upon realignment of the California Senate districts, the Democratic Party can very easily pick up the two additional seats that they need?

If you do not think that the Democratic Party will raise your taxes if they have 2/3rds of the Senate, just take one look at your ballot. Have you seen how many propositions there are that seek to raise the amount of taxes you pay? We all understand that the revenues in this state have declined drastically.

Rather than raise taxes, the California legislature needs to make the tough decisions to reduce the size of government.

The elections will be here before you know it. Can you make a financial contribution today to help us preserve your pocket-book? Meuser is in a close race with Senator Mark DeSaulnier who has the worst record in this state of raising your taxes over the last three years.

Do You Believe in Big Government – DeSaulnier Does.

Did you know that DeSaulnier voted for the Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act? This act was to establish a new bureaucracy in California and give that bureaucracy unlimited fee authority over manufacturers of mattresses. Lucky for the state of California, there were not enough liberal democrats who were willing to vote for this new bureaucracy and the bill failed on the last day of session.

This bill not only created an unlimited fee upon manufactures of mattresses, but it also created a mandate that required expensive statewide recycling programs.

This bill expressly stated that the cost of this program was to add no additional cost to both the retailer and the consumer. Do you really think that the big mattress companies are going to just eat this unlimited fee by a California bureaucracy? Whether you love or hate big business, big business is in existence to make money for their shareholders. Big business will simply pass fees and new costs onto the consumer by raising the wholesale price which means that you will be paying more for your next mattress.

At a time when businesses are leaving our state in record numbers and 20.3% of Californians are unemployed/underemployed, this is not the time to be creating new taxes on manufacturers that will be passed onto consumers. More expensive mattresses will mean that people will simply hold onto their older mattresses longer before they replace them.

At a time when the state of California has close to a $500 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, this is not the time to be creating new bureaucracies which create more state employees which creates more future pension liabilities.

If you believe government should be bigger and that you should be taxed more, then vote for Mark DeSaulnier. However, if you believe that government should be smaller and you should keep more of the money you earn, then vote for Mark Meuser.

Please help us ensure that the Democratic Party is not able to raise your taxes whenever they want.

Mark Meuser

Candidate for State Senate

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  1. Milan Moravec says:

    California State Senator Mark DeSaulnier authored the bill that allows public employees to spike their pension payments so public employees receive pension payments that are greater than their work salary. DeSaulnier’s bill is so sweet that career employees at all levels often end up with more, or nearly as much, take home income by retiring as keeping their jobs

    Guess who is paying for DeSaulnier’s pay public employees’ pension payments greater than their salary? You pay, whether a Democrat, Republican, or Tea Party.

    75% of the money DeSaulnier collects comes from Sacramento. Senator DeSaulnier’s priorities are the Sacramento lobbyists.

    Send a forceful message to Calif. State Senator DeSaulnier that his self serving bill for lobbyists, paid by you and I, is unacceptable.

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