Letter writer concerned about campaign signs

Dear Editor,

No matter who I or anyone else votes for at the local, state and federal levels, as well as the various measures up for consideration, my biggest concern for the city of Antioch, CA, is the incredible amount of signs all over every piece of fencing that I can see. In fact, some fences are not visible except for the signs! It’s hard enough dealing with all the general trash and mess that blows around, these signs are horribly annoying, and, quite distracting, sometimes obscuring a safe view of an intersection or street corner.

I urge the candidates, winner or loser, to respect our/their city and have a team of volunteers to remove every one of your signs. In accordance with city code, you’ve got 14 days after the event that the sign is for – so, on or before November 20th, you need to have all of your signs removed.

To be sure candidates are fully aware, there IS a city code that governs where signs can be placed, and, how long after the event they can remain. Based on my reading of the code, there are tons of places around Antioch that the signs are in direct violation of the code.

If candidates want to make an impression on me, then they would firstly ensure that every one of their signs is placed in accordance with the city code, and, that they have them removed on or before November 20th.

For everyone’s reference, the specific city code is contained in Chapter 5, article 5 of the city code;


      (A)     Temporary sign defined.  TEMPORARY SIGN shall mean any sign, handbill, or poster which is placed to advertise or announce a specific event, or which pertains to a particular event or occurrence, or which is not designed or intended to be placed permanently.  Examples of temporary signs include, but are not limited to, signs, handbills, or posters relating to garage sales, political candidates or ballot measures, concerts, “swap meets,” and the like.

Lastly, for all residents of Antioch, the city code can be found at http://goo.gl/9nsGn, and it is fully searchable too!

James Marchetti, Antioch


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  1. Michael Leon says:

    Thank you for your concern Mr. Marchetti, I am well aware of the code and as far I’m a wear my signs which a are small and homemade have been placed in public places and in some cases I have sought permission from the property owner. In either case you will see most of my signs removed by the day after the election.

    Michael Leon
    Candidate for Mayor

    • James Marchetti says:

      Michael – thanks for the reply! And, I especially appreciate your commitment to bettering Antioch!

      — James Marchetti

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