Homeless Animals Rescue Program needs a good home for Yahtze


HA.R.P. – the Homeless Animals Rescue Program – continues to need financial help and can use more foster families and volunteers. I have a dog that really needs a home. I have attached a pcture of Yahtze. He is a Basenji mix, but larger, at 50 pounds. Yahtze is affectionate, energetic and responds well to instruction given by a strong pack leader (needs an owner who is commanding in his attitude). Basenji’s have a soft yodel bark but they are very protective. Yahtze would make a good dog for someone who wants an only dog who is very loyal.

Update: Max, Manny, and Maddie, featured in the August issue of the Antioch Herald, were adopted into wonderful homes. They get along with all the family members and other dogs. Manny and Maddie went to different homes, but they play and get along with the dogs in each of their families and have adjusted very well to their new circumstances.

For more information visit www.harp-rescue.org.

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