Injured Antioch auto and motorcycle accident victim seeks witnesses

On 8:30 a.m., Friday, July 9th, as I was on my way to work (I had just started as a contractor at AT&T San Ramon), I collided with a vehicle that ran a red turn signal at the Hillcrest/Davison/Deer Valley intersection.

I was on a motorcycle. I was immediately taken by emergency to the hospital. After I came to, I remember seeing quite a few people (concerned citizens) gather around me, telling me not to move.

About two weeks ago, the police report was finally available.

Even though it shows the other driver as being at fault, their insurance company still has not accepted liability or responsibility.

The officer did not take statements from witnesses.

I need statement from witnesses that are willing to come forward in order to apply pressure to their insurance company.

I am in need of two surgeries directly related to/from the accident.

I’m a resident of Antioch and the sole breadwinner for my family (5 + 2 small dogs)

It’s that ‘cold numbers’ mentality that I believe is behind the stalling.

I was shocked at their position as well as my own carrier with whom I have a uninsured/underinsured rider.
Since the other party is insured then my policy does not cover ‘ insured but unwilling to pay’ situation.

I posted a bunch of flyers at local businesses, recently. All were sympathetic. But many were bound by corporate rules. So I couldn’t post them, there.

Please contact me at or on my cell phone 408-891-3317.

Thank you.

Gil Hernandez

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  1. GilHer says:

    I wish to make a correction, The day was Friday morning July 6th. As I was being loaded onto the ambulance cart, I remember a number of people around me telling me not to move.
    If you stopped to render aid, thank you so much for your kindness and concern.
    Could you please help me out by making a statement of what you saw. I don’t know if the officer took statements from eyewitnesses, it was not in the report.

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