Writer Questions Why Three People Turned Down Code Enforcement Job

Dear Editor:

Sunday’s Contra Costa Times tells us that 400 people thought they were qualified to be city code enforcer but the city only interviewed three of them. And all three of them turned the job down. Why is that? I thought a job with the city was a good deal.

Who wants to come forward and tell us why three qualified people would turn down a job with the city of Antioch?

If council members don’t know perhaps the three applicants will come forth and tell us why they could not accept the job.

Bob Oliver, Antioch

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  1. James Marchetti says:

    To be accurate, according to the article they offered the position to 3, not “only interviewed three of them” – it does not say how many were actually interviewed.



    “Antioch, which once had 11 people dedicated to addressing rental inspections, code enforcement and cost recovery, hasn’t had anyone solely working on blight issues in almost three years…”

    I can imagine the interview going something like this…
    INTERVIEWER: Well, see, we haven’t had a single person doing this work for over 3 years now. It’s kind of a mess.

    CANDIDATE: So, you only had one code enforcement person on staff back then?

    INTERVIEWER: Not exactly. We had 11.

    CANDIDATE: Oh, I see… well, thanks for the “opportunity”. Please call me back when you get serious about it. ‘CLICK’ – dial tone….

  2. karl says:

    hello bob,

    i also would like to see/ know where the org job posting is/ was.
    none of the council members ask any detailed question during the last council meeting.
    how many of the 400 plus applicants were code enforcement officers, were there former antioch code enforcement officers?
    it is out of this world that the city of antioch hires a third party and pays now $ 100 plus an hour. we must be rich.

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