Clean Water Fee Returns Via Storm Water Assessment

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Apparently that is what the Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conversation District is trying to do, albeit in a different manner than the taxpayer funded $1.5 million dollar campaign to get property owners to approve the “Clean Water” assessment which went down to defeat.

Yup folks, on June 26th (10:00 a.m.) the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors will be holding a public hearing in regard to adoption of storm water utility assessments for fiscal year 2012-2013. Rate setting will affect properties located within the incorporated areas of the following cities, as well as the unincorporated areas: Antioch, Clayton, Concord, Danville, El Cerrito, Hercules, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Orinda, Pinole, Oakley, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, San Pablo, San Ramon and Walnut Creek.

Apparently, this will be the ONLY opportunity property owners will get to comment on what is sure to be a rate increase, According to the legal notice, at the hearing the Board will hear and pass upon any oral or WRITTEN objections to the adoption of the proposed 2012-13 fiscal year storm water utility assessments and, upon close of the hearing, may abandon the proposed actions or proceed with same!

Better get cracking folks. Get your letters in to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors or appear in person at the hearing.

4 Comments to “Clean Water Fee Returns Via Storm Water Assessment”

  1. Kris Hunt says:

    Thanks for the heads up Barbara. CoCoTAX will get on it!

  2. Shutdafup says:

    Once again you spread misinformation to create sensationalist headlines. The fee died. This is not secondary attempt to pass it.

  3. Arne Simonsen says:

    The Flood Control District is a totally separate entity from the previous Clean Water parcel tax attempt.

    The Flood Control District gets its money from a tax that shows up on your Property Tax bill. As such, any increase in that current tax would need a 2/3rds vote on the ballot.

    • Robert Wright says:

      Why are they holding a hearing then? Why do they not just put it on the ballot for a vote in the next election? I’m not clear on this.

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