Letter: Council Should Consider Natural Gas Vehicles

Dear Editor:

Our city council will vote on the purchase of new truck chassis this coming Tuesday. (May 8, 2012)
They are voting on the purchase of gasoline fueled trucks.   Where is the bid or quote on a natural gas  vehicle?
The nation is awash with low priced CNG and nobody is interested in exploring the market.
Here in Antioch we have a PG&E filling station on Hillcrest. It’s time for exploration of new fuel suppliers.
I do hope that some council member will start to ask questions.
Bob Oliver

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  1. karl says:

    well, the question came up by agopian, but city staff could not provide any real numbers, just guessing, and talking about 2 years ago.
    as usual, the council voted for it, without getting real info/ numbers.

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