De-stress Yourself at The Relaxing Station

Body and Foot Massages by Trained Staff

By Teresa A. Klein

You’re driving home on Highway 4, which is once again moving so slowly you could get out and walk home faster. You discover your hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly they begin to ache. As the minutes tick by your neck begins to knot and your shoulders raise up until you feel that dreaded tension headache develop. If you are a parent, add a couple complaining or crying kids and the commute is pretty unbearable.

So how do you handle this or similar situations when the stress of human life seems to suffocate you like a blanket on a hot Antioch day?

Of way is to de-stress yourself with a massage at Southeast Antioch’s The Relaxing Station, located in Raley’s shopping center at 3712A Lone Tree Way. Calming music, dim lights, fragrant oils, and a licensed massage therapist working the daily-life knots out of your tense muscles. After an hour, you feel like – and you are – a new person.

“It is a very good idea to come in for a massage,” says Chen Xia, spokesperson for The Relaxing Station. “Massage boosts circulation and helps to improve your mood by making you relaxed. Long term, massage will make your body more healthy.”

As the daughter of The Relaxing Station co-owner Xueliang Xia, Chen says The Relaxing Station is strictly a therapeutic massage spa, unlike some spas that offer haircuts, baths, facials, and other services. Mr. Xia opened The Relaxing Station in late spring 2011 with business partner Kelly Lu because they felt Southeast Antioch needed a quality massage spa.

Massages available include foot, acupressure, deep tissue and Swedish massages. Each one targeting your specific body’s needs by either a male or female masseuse who is licensed and certified. Deep tissue is harder massage using thumbs to hit pressure points.

Swedish offers a softer touch for all-over body relaxation. With acupressure, masseuse hits pressure points to relax certain muscles or target specific ailments, similar to acupuncture, but with no needles. And the foot massage is herbal reflexology.

Currently, The Relaxation Station is offering special pricing, so if you have never had a massage, now is the perfect time to try one. Chen recommends an hour massage, which is $40, a $5 savings, but says if you are unsure of how you will enjoy a massage, first-timers can opt for a 30-minute massage for $30. The Foot massage special is $20, also a $5 savings.

To fin out what massage is right for your tired, aching body, call The Relaxation Station at 925-778-1398 to speak with a therapist and set up your appointment. The spa is open from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. every day and recommends appointments but says walk-ins are welcome.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Chen says The Relaxation Station offers gift certificates for that special woman in your life.

Each one of us has uncountable stressors in our life. How you deal with the stress outcome is your choice, but massage is a proven method that is relaxing for the mind and the body.

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  1. Jaci says:

    Made an appointment with my mom here for 3:30. We were on our way and they called us twice to see where we were at. The second time we weren’t even a minute away and they said they were going to give away our appointment. We were literally about to turn into the complex when we hung up the phone. It was 3:36. Their attitude was ridiculous! I don’t plan on going here again. It’s not even worth it.

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